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I have no problem supporting a license increase.

With that said, I think some of your suggestions are a bit steep. It would, without a doubt, decrease some of my options to participate.

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Originally Posted by IHMSA53393 View Post
Some people have too much time on their hands and you really do not want to know what I think about your pipe dream.
I agree, furthermore why would anyone think the PGC would consider any proposal? The Hunters spoke out on the Saturday
Opener proposal with the Majority against it and they passed it anyway.

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A proposal like this you would see a drop in participation in some game species. I know my participation would drop for some game species. The PGC would however get a better understanding of what game the hunters are participating in with seeing how many hunters purchase this tag and that tag. Many families are on fixed incomes and if you have a family of 4 that hunts and lets say worst case scenario in your pricing, that would be over $800 to hunt all species for a that family. With CWD on the rise and parts of the state where game in dwindling, i fear it would not work IMO. I will give you credit that you took the time to think this through.

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Kind of steep. If your proposal was approved, I would just quit buying the extra licenses I never use. Just give the PGC at general license increase.
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Many hunters in Pa. are not into the sport as much as many on this site are. They hunt only a fraction of the time that I do. My wife for example, only hunts a couple times in the early muzzleloader season, and a couple times in the rifle deer season. Many of these folks would leave hunting, ( and take their license dollars with them ). Losing participation is never a good thing for the sport.
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As I said, the prices I listed are what I would consider fair. I realize that many already think that $20 to hunt unlimited small game, fall and spring turkey, and a buck is already too steep...

Bottom line is that we are losing hunters no matter what. It will continue and only get worse when the boomers start quitting for good. Prices will have to increase at some point to make up for these losses and that is where my proposal comes in. Not only does it generate more revenue but it gives the PGC more accurate numbers of hunters participating in each season for better management purposes. Many other states have their licenses structured this way.
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Hunting is going down hill of support and I don't think it is fixable. The PGC the last few years have tried several band aids but the box they are reaching in, is not big enough. No one can fix the times but I give them credit for trying. I have made more of an effort in the last 7-8 years hunting but that is me. Maybe down the road a few years it will bounce back one will never know until then. Reading the debate the last few years of proposed increase it goes both ways. Maybe some will stop due to an increase but I feel that would be an excuse they would quit anyway. On the other hand the rest of us will have to pick up the slack whether you agree or disagree but it is what it is. Look at the current price of a postage stamp now days. The increase it has taken in the amount and as many times it has went up. I feel the reason is they still have the same overhead but less people buying them since everyone is in to on line bill paying. I for one will not pay a bill on line, I buy stamps and write checks it is still a good value in life. I will not drive a letter from Md. to Florida for 55 cents taking a chance of hacking doing on line banking. So with our hunting license it is all I enjoy in life as far as pleasure. Last week my nr license, archery, muzzy, bear, 4 dmaps tags cost me $ 334.00. I will probably get 3 unit doe tags @ 26.70 giving me a total cost of $414.00 to enjoy my sport in Pa. So yes with declining numbers like I stated about the postage stamp something will have to give and us remaining will foot the bill like it or not. Maybe 2 or 3 years from now I might be paying $600.00 I will stick with it as long as my health permits and enjoy those years afield in my Pa. woods. Its basically business 101 of what will have to be done. I also don't think if an increase goes in effect that I am owed another perk such as Sunday hunting, Sat. opener, extra buck, etc. If these things would happen I hope it is based on a management decision and not a trade off to make everyone happy they was owed something.

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I'm not sure what is gained by knowing the exact number of hunters that hunt turkey along with the others. How would that lead to better management of the species?
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While I'm not against a structure change I don't think you can have it both ways. You either structure it to buy tags for the species or buy tags for the weapon. I'm not a fan of buying a buck tag and then a muzzleloader stamp and archery stamp just to use the buck tag. Give me another tag with those "stamps" then I'm ok with it even though I dont believe thats a good idea from a management perspective. When I lived in ohio I liked they way they had there licenses structured. It was buy the tag for the animal you want to hunt and hunt it with whatever legal weapon was in season. I have never been a fan of the "stamp" thing the PGC does.
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Prices are too steep, IMO. (this is @ the OP's original proposal)

Keep the structure the same, have a one time, marginal increase for all current tags (make up partially for all the years there have been no increases), to start, so the sticker shock isn't too excessive and then tie all future yearly increases to that years avg. CPI, similar to social security increases. Round the % increase up to the nearest $.05 or $.25 or whatever and if the CPI decreases that year, do nothing.

Codify it and that way, the PGC would be done begging for more increases as the license costs would track inflation. Only "big" increase I can see that would be worthwhile off the bat would be doe tags. I think they could be bumped to $10 no problem and still get sold at today's current rates.

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