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Originally Posted by NanookOdaNorth View Post
Kids these days can't even play Cowboys and Indians without someone getting offended...
HEY! ... it’s “bovine-persons and indigenous peoples” now. Some people are so rude. 🙄😜
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Point an index finger with thumb raised, at someone in preschool and you'll be on someone's junior "terrorist list". Same for scrawlin' a picture of anything that resembles a firearm, with your Crayolas.

We moved to the country the summer I was 9. Prior to that and living in town, I was the only boy on my block. So I spent time with the neighborhood girls. Used to push a baby buggy around a bit, but my guns were in the buggy, under the dollies.

At some point when I'd had enough, the guns came out for distribution to the "indians and/or outlaws" and off we went, tearing around the alley and the back yards blasting at each other.

One dad w/two daughters, gave me his old wood and brass air rifle. Didn't work, but it was more impressive than a mostly plastic rifle.

I used to go over to their house to listen to Gunsmoke on the radio with their dad. Even after we got a TV and it was eventually on there in the mid 50s.

Dad said I liked William Conrad as Matt Dillon on the radio, over James Arness on the TV version and he wasn't happy with my choice, after we got a TV.

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Looks a lot like the Remington 48 Sportsman I graduated to at about 12 years old after I started squirrel hunting at age 8 with an old Ivery Johnson .410 single shot break down, next a 22 J.C. Higgins then to the Remington 20 ga. It rocked me every time I shot it, but he only gun we had at the time.

I still have it today it was totally refinished in the early 80's and never fired since. The inside of the barrel shines like a diamond. I clean, oil and apply storage grease at lease once a year and every time I look at it brings back of years of memories of great fun days as it help feed our family with squirrels, rabbits, quail, grouse, ducks a dozen or so geese.

Almost all the boys and a few of the girls in my grade school and high school hunted and enjoyed telling their stories. In high school some of our oral speech class topics were about hunting, guns, coon hunting and fishing.

Oh, the good ole days.....
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The good ole days for sure. Just about every male students told there stories, deer hunting, small game hunting Rifle slugs weren't called rifle slugs. They were called pumpkin balls. Firearms mounted on the back window's on pick em up trucks on the school parking lot.

Today? kids on there cell phones, do nothing but texting friends. To me? discussing stupid non sense. Homework done on computers which you can search for the answers VS reading books from page 1 to the last page then answer the questions given. While on the subject. Back in the day when you took your drivers test. On the other side of the table was a state trooper asking you the questions. Today, has been for awhile now test is done on a computer with multiple choice A. B. C.

There are more stupid people these days & seems to be a growing habit Period. True story. 3 years ago. I had permission to metal detect Penn State University. Man was that exciting finding loads of clad, silver rings. That excitement went away when a foreigner teacher called the campus police on me stating I a terriorist looks like a gun in my hands? I buried explosives? The officer came up to me, was very kind. The professor or what ever he was, joined us & told the officer it was he who called the police. Boy was he demanding I emptied my pockets & to have the officer search me. The officer had the confused looked on his face, but I emptied my pockets to prove I not who he thought I was & had him look at my metal detector, this is not a firearm. In the end it was all good. I run into the campus police all the time & they gave me directions where to go to find treasure, where the student's hanged out mostly & what buildings are old might find war button's, old coins.

These days you have to be very careful what you say, face expressions & how you walk. I know this. When the good lord calls me home, I not going to miss it here.
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The "Good Old Days" were when folks could have a significantly differing opinions and still share a nice meal and a few beverages together.
The ---- "special snowflake" mentality of "I have a right never to be offended" has ruined many a family gathering and shrunk far too many circles of friends...
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Great Movie

It's good knowin' he's out there. The Dude. Takin' her easy for all us sinners
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Originally Posted by flintlock hunter View Post
Taught all three of my children, one boy, two girls, to shoot trap in an old woodlot clearing near Sayreville NJ.

Police showed up once, had no problem with the kids learning under supervision, and never bothered us again......

30 plus years makes a BIG difference!
today you would be in jail and Dyfus would have the children.

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We used to have an indoor shooting range in the cellar of my K-8 school.

Democracy: 2 wolves and a lamb voting on lunch.
Liberty: Well armed lamb contesting the vote.
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Originally Posted by crazyjjk View Post
We used to have an indoor shooting range in the cellar of my K-8 school.
We had one at my high school. It was in a basement under the Olympic-sized pool.
Was a real hoot the one day we were shooting and the daughter of one of the teachers ND'd, hit and shattered a huge pipe feeding said pool.
Basically "flushed" a dozen of us out the door and into the parking lot.
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