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Parental responsibility wasn't any better 30 years ago. We had repeated incidents of weekend break ins and vandalism at a townhouse development under construction, over a month or two.

One of the twp. cops finally decided to stay inside one of the units on a Saturday morning and was there when the pencil necks broke in again. He caught some, the rest ran off thru the woods. None of those caught would rat on their friends.

They went to court and were all given probation, no penalties for the damages they'd caused. ONE parent contacted my boss and demanded that her two boys be made to work off their "sins".

So I got to manage them picking up trash and weeding shrubbery beds, at another townhouse cluster my boss owned, on a Saturday morning. Mom dropped them off, apologized for their misbehavior. Single mom, no dad around and she had her hands full.

Found out later that she had berated the judge on the kids' day in court, for not being stricter, while the other parents had complained that their kids were "innocent", although caught in the act.

The older kid was contentious all morning, to the point that his younger brother finally punched him in the face, told him to shut up. Would say they were probably 16 and 14?

Talk to most teachers today and you'll hear how many problems they have with parents of disruptive teens in school. Mom and dad are quick to defend their little heathens and blame everyone but themselves and their kids.
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When I was a kid growing up, the first “hunting rule” I was taught after safe gun handling was this....” you shoot it, you eat it.” There was no kill for thrill allowed. No chipmunks and birds with B.B. guns. No matter how tired, wet, or cold you were at the end of the day, you were expected to clean and care for what you killed. Kill a groundhog...I was to bring it home, skin it, and my Grandmother would pressure cook it till it was fit to eat. ( I soon gave up ground hog hunting )

Killing deer and leaving them lay to rot goes beyond a violation of the law. My Grandfather would have called it a sin against God.
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I so much agree with the one post, is this a step up from the video games slaughtering animals for kicks then leave to rot? Then the next item on the agenda someone gets offended then decides to open fire on a crowd of people like we see today. And I will say there are some darn good kids out there today but too many higher %'s of bad ones. Ill go back to one of my posts and say again how does a kid get out of the door after dark with a firearm? My daughter is 32 now but when she was a teenager going out I always watched for any flags going up, never had a problem with her but I always tried to be a step ahead because I loved my child. I would go on to think also there was a good chance those guns was loaded in those cars possibly creating another potential disaster. I also would think that the vehicle's and guns had to be registered to most likely the parents and would think they would be affected. Yes, there should be more bite in the law where talking guns not sling shots! I can proudly say I was abused growing up, I got my but smacked several times with the wooden paddle and lost many privilege's when I disobeyed my parents.

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I found where 6 deer were shot in flintlock season. All 6 were shot from a truck. I'd like to see trucks confiscated for this. Between roadhunting and baiting I'd venture to say that close to 50% of the deer killed here are illegal.

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Originally Posted by bigbear View Post
I found where 6 deer were shot in flintlock season. All 6 were shot from a truck. I'd like to see trucks confiscated for this. Between roadhunting and baiting I'd venture to say that close to 50% of the deer killed here are illegal.
arent there some states where vehicles and guns go bye-bye when they are involved in poaching crimes?

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PA used to be one of those states until the court took it away because the general assembly did not have the law written correctly. Then the general assembly would not amend the law to make it correct.
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There was a group of kids in my area a few years ago that went out at night and i cant recall how many they killed but i know it was alot, just for the thrill of shooting deer and left them all lay. They eventually got caught. Wouldnt you know it the very next year, the same fields, and same kids were at it again and they were caught again. They need to raise the penalties for this sort of behavior and make those brats do hard manual community service on game lands and not just 20hours during the hottest days of summer.

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I'm telling you kids hate community hours. Lets face it if there is a fine given in majority cases little Johny's parents will pay it. Mom and dad cant do the community hours for them. Don't put them in the game lands hidden. Put a special color outfit on them and make them do it in the public eye. Don't worry there peers will taunt them enough and break there macho ego where I think it would help. My vol. fire company would get them for working spaghetti dinners and they sure did not liking cleaning tables and carring garbage out.
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The state of Alaska will confiscate EVERYTHING that can be tied to poaching, ie, truck, airplane, boat, weapons, gear, up to and including houses where the poached meat is stored. It is taken very seriously. Is poaching still a serious problem? Absolutely, but a lot more can be done legally against the offenders.

As mentioned above, if the juvenile is convicted, it needs to fall on the responsible adult. Yes there are many single parents struggling to keep things going and can't be there all the time to monitor, but the teenagers don't have to have access to weapons if there are concerns about their use.

I think a major issue comes back to lack of respect. If you learn to respect and value things in life, it changes the way you interact with others. I was raised with a heavy hand, but that has paid off in my adult life. I appreciate the effort that my parents put into raising me.

Another angle to look at is a lot of the trophy hunting shows don't show dealing with the animal and how it is processed. One of the well known hunters makes a point of mentioning what happens to the meat. He'll mention if it was donated, or if it was processed so he could have it shipped home. The real work begins once you fire the shot..

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Start confiscating little Johny's ATV, lifted 4 wheel drive pick up, his weapons and gear. Regardless of age. They will soon get the point. But alas, this is "Brady Bunch" Pa and we can not govern simple trespassing here.
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