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One thing about it---if you put Franco or the Bus, or Jim Brown for that matter, behind the collection of misplaced furniture movers we call an offensive line(Pouncey aside), how would they do? Conversely, if you put Mendenhall behind the Steeler line from the 70's, how would he do? He certainly would have gotten more opportunities to run the ball under a different Steeler coach. He doesn't get a chance to get 30-35 carries and wear down opposing defenses, due to our OC's impatience with the running game. Perhaps that is why he's bouncing it outside a lot. He knows that 2-3 yard runs will get him benched. Our OC thinks every play should be 10 yards, but getting sacked in the process is OK. In fairness to Arians(can't believe I said that ), we don't know if Mendenhall is tough enough to handle 30-40 carries every game, either.

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