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Originally Posted by bohunr View Post


scroll down to the reaver .22 integral suppressed on a 10-22

tink, tink, tink, rounds hitting "Crack" at all
I'll look at it but I can tell you right now if you only hear the action then they are using subsonic ammo.

I have extensive experience with suppressed weapons. I have shot suppressed weapons from 22 up to and including a M21 with a Sionics suppressor. If you do not use subsonic ammo you can hear the bullet.

BTW I was shot at with a suppressed 45. The only thing I heard was the round hitting the radio in my jacket pocket. The bullet then ricochet off the ground and hit a wall near where some of the guys were standing. For a half second we froze until one of the guys saw the slug spinning on the hardtop. No one heard it coming because the 45ACP is subsonic. We recovered a 45 230 RN slug.

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