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Re: Dead Deer as Bait

MD has no regulation forbidding setting right on visible bait, and in my younger trapping years I used to set dirtholes 15 feet from deer parts (the large bait smell drawing the foxes was the idea- then have lures down the holes). Even at 15 feet, buzzards can be caught, so I learned. They are big so a little fox trap doesn't hurt them. I have caught and released maybe 3. They were like possums and played dead! It was very easy to let them go. I even lifted them up and got them flying. Maybe I am a buzzard whisperer?

As to CR's, what height are they hung at ( bottom of loop)? I'm not sure a vulture would just walk right into one, an eagle maybe. Neither would be hurt by the cable, but you may want the PGC to send someone to help release the eagle! They have nasty sharp talons and beaks.

I also find that vultures don't like to set down on carcasses in the woods that are not in larger clearings, so if the bait is in tight saplings with more mature trees around the sapling patch, the buzzard ratio goes way down.
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