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55 years and what iv'e seen .

I have seen lots of deer,when i started to hunt,in 1958. It more or less stayed that way for a long time.Iv'e seen the PGC say the deer herd was not big enough to have a doe season and a few times there were no doe license issued,in a lot of counties?
I saw the PGC hire on a Biologist to fix our deer hearad ? He says we have too many deer we must thin them out? We believe him and they put out a massive amount of doe tags!
Well,me included,get as many tags as could be had! I think i had 2 then,but my sons and the men that hunted with us, maybe 10 more. I guess it was greed,we didn't need the meat. It was fun but we stopped at 4 deer,for my family.It got costly have them processed!
From then on,i seen less and less deer and it still isn't, nor ever will be, as it was when i started to hunt and the many years before we had a guy in the PGC say we had too many?It was said,if we thin them out they will be a lot healthier????
And now,we have a smaller heard and they are sick with CWD, and ,in my humble opinion,not worth the risk of shooting! It must not be, or the regulations on getting rid of the brains.hide and spine,would not be so hard to get rid of?
I have seen the number of hunters,even before the doe slaughter,drop a vast amount from 20 or 30 years ago, or less? IMHO,this CWD will cause more to give up?
I recall when Bears were rare.
Turkeys were hard to find but rabbits and squirrels,grouse and Ring necks were easy to find !
I remember going to SEARS and getting a new shot gun on my credit card ?
Trying to find a parking spot,for the first day of any season,be it rabbit or deer!
Never having a problem trying to get some one to go hunting.
Having to decide which farm to go to hunt on,as 99% of the farmers left you their land.
My Beagle being so tired,from running rabbits and Ring necks,i had to put her in the truck!
Running out of shotgun shells from missing so many birds and rabbits from jump shooting!
My new father-in-law,shooting his first buck,in 30 years of hunting. He was shaking he was so over joyed!
Iv'e stood beside my youngest son,when he was 12 and watched him shoot his first deer! Wow,that was 26 years ago!
My oldest son,getting a Buck,with a stick bow,35 years ago.
Hills i hunted now being like mountains to get up,from being a little older than when they were just hills?
My sons being close by,now i live 150 miles from them.
My oldest son and hunting buddy,going to the service. Lost him for 4 years!
Well,i guess that's enough for now? Don't want to bore you people with my thoughts.

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