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My "workshop" is crude at best...I'm acquiring more/better tools as I I mechanical abilities is an oil change lol..

My buddies have all kinda tools I have access to...I'm largely doing everything by hand...and for my finish I don't think I need highly polished steel..

Got my entry pipe 75% in tonight...didnt work on the rifle as much as I planned...but I am gunna pour the nose piece....have a cool idea for it and from what I've read and watched seems like it's pretty simple..

Kinda part of building a rifle I guess...running into something that just doesn't work and finding a way around it...

When I realized the error I was frustrated...and I hate having to place another order..knowing I need one part..i end up with $100+ order lol...

And that's part of not planning properly...all I wanted was a new stock for my TC I'm gunna have a custom rifle built and designed by me..that's crazy to think about! The only TC part is the tang and right now barrel pin inlays..but I'm thinking of a way around those too lol..mainly because they won't match..but the stock came inlet for them..
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