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Re: Setting up for fur

Typically I set as you said 2-4 traps and go to the next property. These are set on locations that I feel are the best on the property and that are easily accessible as my check time is limited being I typically check before work.

Most of my farms are spread out but a few are clustered and those ones that are clustered I typically stick to 2 traps as my thought process is I have 2 traps right across the way. Farms that are spaced out I put a few more typically thinking I am in a different pocket of fur and need to maximize my chances. Time again plays a big factor for me to be able to get through my line so I cant set as many traps per property as I would like in order to get through the properties I would like to cover in the amount of time I have.

I also think the more traps you have on several good locations on a property the better your chances are for coyotes. I typically run a farm for no more than 2 weeks so where I may have a few chances at a fox traveling that particular location being their home range is smaller I may only get the coyotes to come through once or twice. Just my thoughts.
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