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Re: Setting up for fur

I have made a point this year to set at least 2 traps at every location. Its something in always did but I always ended up with some singles. Be it laziness, short of time of whatever, I always still end up with some singles. But I've had probably less than a dozen locations all season with a single set. My best and hottest locations sometimes get 6-10 sets. Very few of those for me in pa, but 4-6 sets at a location here is not uncommon. It makes a difference. I hear some guys preaching sometimes that too many sets will put them on alert of ruin a read it in the pa canine book i think....yeah right, same guys probably believe in scent control and alpha male coyotology. It was explained to me like this by the best coyote trapper in the world, if then traps are scouting and prospecting for you, one or two sets are OK. But if you known its a good spot why not just set 10 and be done with it and only have to make a couple trips back?
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