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Steelhead fishing Wisconsin

Well Guys,

My wife and I were on vacation last week in Northern Wisconsin (Brule, Wi) We were lucky enough to rent a camp on one of the best rivers for fishing in the area/state.(Brule River)
We got in on Sunday (10TH)Monday 8am I started fishing, I drove up the road about 1.5 miles to a parking area.(saw many cars there when we drove in.) By 10am I had my first steelie on, it was only about 16 - 18 inches (they call them skip jacks at that size) I thought OK this is going to be fun. Caught it on a size 8 purple bugger, so I continued to fish on for a few more hours with no luck. Sorry no pics. forgot camera.

Tuesday I headed out again for about another 4 hours with no luck.

Wednesday we had no (honey plans) so I started fishing at 10am and fished until 6pm, I fished up the river and down the river with no luck. I did manage to fall in at 5pm (slipped) but managed to keep the rod safe, ciggs and camera dry although I was soaked.

Thursday I did not fish; wife had plans with her brother, so I had to baby sit our pups. Which was fine, I was beat from the day before.

Friday I was able to get out in the morning before we went out to do some stuff before we left on Sat. I walked up the road about 1/2 mile and went in to hit this one hole, I get there and sure enough someone was there. It was on older gent (retired age) fishing spinners, I asked how he was doing, he said he had one on but it got off. Then we got talking about how my week was going and he was telling me how slow it has been. (others throughout the week said the same thing) He then told me the steelie was just up stream from him about 30' and 15' out. I asked him would he mind if I try for him; he then said "that is why I told you where he is, you may throw something at him that I don't have" he then left about 10 min later. So I fished this hole (about 75 - 100 ft long) I threw everything, steamers, nymphs, buggers, eggs (diff colors) crystal meth, even had a Mepps spinner. I then put on a pink sucker spawn, drifted it down several times getting no hits or getting snagged. I sent it down again, oh great another snag, I pulled on the line and there she went, the line started moving and then the drag started singing. He came to the surface a few times and the one time he was close enough to see he was 24+ inch steelie. He went up stream then down then back up, the one time he was coming back down then turned around and shot back up stream, then SNAP he broke my tippet (8.5#) then I sat on the bank and laughed while tying on a new tippet, think of the fun I had. I continued to fish down stream for about an hour until it was close to having to leave but before I left I hit the hole again, with no luck. About 15min before I left, here came another fisherman, you could tell he wanted the hole I was fishing, we talked and I told him about the one that got away, I then told him I was leaving in about 15 and if he wanted to fish the hole he was more than welcome. He started fishing and I left.

There is no doubt I wish fishing would have been better than what it was. But that is fishing, with the one I caught (not much of a challenge for the 8wt) and the one that got away, I can see why you guys love to fish for steelies. On our drive home all I could think of was, when can I get back and possibly hitting Erie tribs after grouse hunting is done in January.

I want to thank everyone again for all the help you offered.

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