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Re: buggy wheels and axles

I remember building carts where the front axle was just a 2 X 4 with lawn mower wheels and a bolt holding it to the 2 X 8 seat. We braided binder twine into a rope and tied a piece to each end of the axle for steering.

In the winter my Dad made me a Go-Devil out of a wooden barrel stave. It was just a curved board with a seat on top. Sanded smooth and waxed that thing would really go.

When we got a little older we took the hood off an old Studebaker, removed all the chrome then waxed it till it would shine. Get 4 or 5 friends in it and it would go farther than a toboggan. Didn't steer with a hoot.

Every kid had a bike with a ball glove on one side of the handlebars and your swimming trunks on the other. Played ball in the neighbors pasture field, when you were done playing ball your rode down to the "crick" and cooled off.

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