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buggy wheels and axles

cleaned out some boxes in the shed that my dad gave me "my stuff" stored at their house from when I was a kid. They sat in the shed for 20 years until I got to them last Sunday. In one box were 4 old wheels salvaged from a lawn mower or other cart and two long axles. Brought back memories of the several reincarnations of the carts I built to coast down the hill we lived on. I laughed as I remembered the first. I was about 8 and scrounged some boards from discards behind houses being built near home. I did not even know how to make steering so the cart just went straight toward whatever direction it was pointed. Then my buddies ad I discovered how to make a front steering that was steered with the feet and we wore paths in the grass running down the hill in the field along the road. A little older, and another build using the same wheels and axles and we ran down the road. We even jury rigged some skis for our cart one winter and came up with a super sled. Seems each spring for a few years, the wheels and axles became a new cart until at about 14, we scrounged up a lawn mower engine and added a pully to one rear wheel. A wore out 2.5 hp gas engine could only chug along slowly but we had a blast and learned something of simple engineering. Beyond 14, our attention was drawn by girls and anticipation of driving.

Thinking back about those days seems like an "Our Gang" Episode. A day when we built our own with scrounged materials. And then it dawned on me, I have not seen or heard of any young kids trying to build their own coasters in 30 years.
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