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Re: 30-30 rifle

Originally Posted by turkeykilla
thanks for the info guys i had a .270 last year and had it sighted in for about 300 yards i hunt alot of wooded areas so decided to go with the 30-30....... but i had a buddy tell me they wont shoot acuratley pass 100 yards
Thats hogwash about the 100 yard accuracy. On the other hand, accurate is a relative term. I prefer my rifles to shoot under a half a minute. Thats because I have become very fussy about getting the best performance out of my guns. However, my preferences are not realistic standards for PA whitetail rifles. The average rifle, with the average scope, and average factory ammo, is not nearly as accurate as many folks believe them to be. However, they are more than sufficient for deer hunting here in the woods.

The average 30-30 will drive a bullet through a deers vitals at 200 yards. Would i count on the gun to sink a bullet within an inch of your point of aim? Probably not. Some will however. BUT, there should be no reason a 30-30 with solid scope mounts wont hit the vitals with room to spare at 200 yards.

To sum it up. Accuracy is a relative. Would a 30-30 be accurate enough to place bets on at a 200 yard range, probably not. But, it should be plenty accurate to hit the vitals on a whitetail at that distance.
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