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Re: How 'bout them Ravens?

Originally Posted by rlfb74
So far, Flacco hasn't been the QB that he was last year.
I agree. I think he's thrown over half as many interceptions in 4 games than he did all season. Steelers flat out should have won that game but when your kicker misses two field goals and your D back is too busy picking up his jock to cover the reciever, those things tend to work against you. But, I'll take 3-1 without our starting QB anyday. Charlie Batch is no Roethlisberger but you have to play with the people available at the time. The ratbirds own the bragging rights until December so "crow" away.

On a side note, before you keep accusing Roethlisberger of raping anyone, I would suggest you go online and read over the investigative reports and view all the video taped interviews concerning that debacle in Georgia. I think if you do so objectively, it will be plain to you why he wasn't charged with a crime. There is a reason the prosecutor made them all avbailable for public viewing. Or, you can keep hurling unfounded insults. Matters not to me.

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