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Re: How 'bout them Ravens?

Originally Posted by steelerfan58
You barely won a game in which the Steelers beat themselves and played with a 4th string QB, not to mention that Boldin should receive an Oscar for that acting job to buy a call on Harrison.
According to the Steeler fans on this site, no one ever beats them...they always beat themselves. 4th string QB or not, if he is on an NFL roster, he is an NFL caliber quarterback. He might not be as good as Ben, but he is a professional none the less. Using that as an excuse is not good enough. No one said anything about him being a 4th string QB when you started out 3-0.

The Steelers stopped the Ravens on 4th and goal in the 4th quarter. That should have been enough to win the game. They Baltimore forced a punt and the offense took over. 50 yards for a TD. Where was the defense? The 4th string QB had nothing to do with that. He was on the sideline.

Accept you got beat and quit making excuses. Personally, I'll be ready to watch another great game between these two teams later this season.

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