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Re: need pointers with a pheasant hat

Originally Posted by JoeSimmons
The skull needs cleaned of all brain matter, eyes and tongue, skin will need fleshed and washed and a soaking in Coleman fuel ! That's how I as a Professional Taxidermist would handle it !
I was just in Slippery Rock yesterday videotaping the Hickory D10 Playoff game!
Hey Joe, Maybe it is too much to type here for you to answer back, I found your business listing in the book, maybe I can just call you on Monday so you don't have to type it all out. Just reply 'call me' and I can do that....

When I skinned, I removed as much flesh as possible. Is that what you mean by "flesh the skin"?
The removal of all brain matter is self explanatory, I was thinking a drill bit to get started, and scrape the rest. But for the eyes, do you open lids and remove? Or remove the eyes from the inside?
Does the beak stay attached???
And (yikes) Coleman Fuel!!!!! really???? I have some, what does the fuel do? Do I emerge the entire piece and how long does it soak for? Sounds like the hat may be flammable after it is done! LOL

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