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need pointers with a pheasant hat

I bagged a nice large ringneck on 11\21, he had a 17" tail. My wife and I and my 2 dogs participate in an annual Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival. My wife and dogs are "hunters". I am the real life hunter, but play a King's Court Jester and walk on stilts and juggle in the festival.
Anyway, I have been waiting for a good sized bird to make a pheasant skin hat complete with tail, and possibly the head too.
I took extra time and removed this skin in one complete piece with tail attached and head in tact. I cut the head as close to the top as I could, but should I do something different so it doesn't wrought and stink.
Do I use Borax on the inside of skin like I do with turkey tails and beard?
I plan to use some kind of stocking cap underneath to attach the skin to.

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