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Re: Bow TUNING????

Just a couple more observations about tuning your bow.

I hear a lot of guys saying that their shop "set it up" so it's in tune, right?

A good shop can check all the mechanical features, such as the cam timing, tiller, ata, arrow spine and such to make sure that's all up to snuff. They also should set the loop or nock set with a bow square and the rest center shot with various methods. This is just the starting point. No matter how good they are at setting your loop/rest, the bow is NOT in tune. The tune comes from actually shooting the bow using some of the methods listed above.

For you to tune your bow, all you need is a place to shoot and the allen wrench that came with your rest. A good rest with independant vertical and horizonal adjustments makes tuning much easier.

When I tune a bow, I always start out with "paper tuning".
Then a walk back tune (start at 20 then 40 then 60).
And finally broadhead tune.
Now you're ready.

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