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Re: Looking To Get a .22 LR

I just sold a cz American and bought a ss/synthetic 77/22.The cz was accurate but it had a crappy trigger,weak spring,the last shell in the clip would jam every time and the safety is actually backwards.I'd get a misfire every 20 shots or so,put the shell in another gun and it would fire.They sell stronger springs and trigger kits for them but I hated the safety.My daughter started to shoot and I didn't want her getting used to pulling back on the safety and then hunting with a rifle that worked exactly the opposite.It was very accurate though,considering the crappy trigger.

I bought the ruger because she can't bang it up and she'll be using a rifle with a 3 position safety.I put a nikon rimfire scope on it with a ballistic reticle and it's even more accurate than the cz,which surprised me.The trigger is a little on the heavy side but there's not much creep to it.It's a relatively easy fix for $20.

I'm not a big fan of the cheaper rimfires because they're usually light and flimsy.I shoot a pile of rimfire year round because it's good practice.I want a .22 that weighs close to my centerfires and balances halfway decent.

I've heard romors that the 77/22's don't shoot well but I have a 77/22 mag,77/17 hornet and this .22lr.They all shoot very well.The only downfall is the trigger but again,that's an easy cheap fix.
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