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Chevy Colorado 2017 with diesel motor

Kinda liking truck a lot plus with 32-34 mpg that's got to be a joy to drive. Now it's been about 12 years since I have owned a Chevy so not sure if they went down hill. Also.

I also like the 4 Door jeep but honestly need a cargo bed for hunting .

Kinda narrowed truck down to new Chevy with diesel motor and a Toyota Tacoma. I have never owned a diesel but I hear great things about gas mpg plus engine life plus I do take long trips down south few times a year. So I kinda leaning towards the Chevy Colorado with diesel.

Just wondering if any members had any info on the truck ?
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More often than not the diesel option is not a money saver.Usually quite the opposite.
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I've been keeping an eye on this one as well, as I will be looking to get another truck in a few years and want to have as much info as possible when the time comes. A good friend of mine loves his Dodge 1500 Eco-Diesel, so I'm also curious to hear what the Colorado owners think.
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Bought a 2016 Colorado Extend Cab three months ago. Extend cab, Z71 package. Has the 6 cylinder in it.

I was sold my 2005 Colorado Z71 with the I5 and 282k miles when I got the 16'. Wish I would have kept the 05.

New truck is nice. About a 1/3rd bigger then the 05. Nice, but the 05 had storage inside where the 16 just plain doesn't. Small little cubby pockets that don't hold anything.

Nothing locks inside the cab - thought the 05 didn't either.

4x4 select knob is over your left knee under the steering wheel - you have to lean over and look for it...

Right off the bat, all the electronics produced a rough slow speed / stop and go ride. They reset the computer so it could "learn" my driving habits. .... at 9K miles and change - low speed / stop and go traffic can still be a rough ride. Just as slowing followed by a moderate acceleration is. It just acts like a missing engine - but more likely the electronics and the mechanical end not being in sync enough to respond correctly.

My 05 NEVER had a rough ride and was totally responsive at any speed.

Then there is the Controlled Hill Decent - I call it the snowstorm ensured wreck feature. Basically if you are going down a hill and depress the brake - the electronics downshifts and sends your RPM's to around 3500. In inadvertently apply brakes thinking you can slow the engine has produced spiking the engine to 4500 - 5000 RPM's. They claim you can turn it off - but mine overrides for some reason (and you need to turn it off each time you start the truck).

Climbing hills results in downshifting far sooner and increasing RPM's far more than required. I ran in manual in mountainous areas and increased my mileage by 4 MPG - and was far easier on the motor.

I have not trailered yet. So no info on the trailer package.

Typical Chevy z71 4x4 - works great other than placement of knob. I also dislike not having any idiot light telling me I am in 4WD.

The infotainment center - use a HIGH QUALITY cable. The cheap ones will not allow the system to work... I know. But there is a very real operational difference.

I dressed mine with the Line-X bed liner and a Chevy tounno cover. Hate the latched on the tounno cover - liked the old style spring loaded pull downs. The new style is just cheap.

Driving wise, the truck is ok. But very honestly, the harmonics of the engine are a bit weird, and when you think you should be hearing more engine - you don't. Also hesitation to accelerate at any speed unless you put your foot into it.

I would not have bought this truck if I could have run it for a week or two before hand.

Sadly, it appears Chevy is test driving their trucks in suburbia while driving the wife and kids around. Now so typical of the new younger engineers and designers coming out of colleges.

First brand new vehicle of any sort I have bought in 30 years. Very disappointed.

Then there's the dealership service...

Is your position a short term gain - or a long term loss? Separate the issues.
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Bluetick, I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze that has those same wierd engine harmonics, was also told that the engine had to learn my driving habits. After a while you get slighty used to it, I find it to be a design flaw and will know what to look out for on next vehicle purchase.
Live and learn......
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My friend bought the GMC Canyon diesel, he traded in his tundra because he wanted better fuel mileage. I drove it a few times and was impressed with the ride/power/handling. He said he is averaging 31 mpg. He loves the truck. I considered buying the v6 gas but the deal fell thru. Also considered a Tacoma but the discounted prices on 1/2 ton trucks are about the same price.
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Other than a couple Jimmies I've never owned a small truck.I have owned diesels and just got rid of my last one a few months ago.I'm not sure what kind of rebates are available for the Colorado diesel but generally speaking you'll pay an extra 7k or so for a diesel.That along with the higher price for diesel fuel pretty much ensures that you won't get your money back.They're also a pain in the winter and require more maintenance.I see no reason to own a diesel unless you tow heavy loads on a regular basis.
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the harmonics of the engine are a bit weird, and when you think you should be hearing more engine - you don't. Also hesitation to accelerate at any speed unless you put your foot into it.

In to the dealer for another issue last week and asked that they look at this again.

Came away with a Tech Bulletin fix for another problem - the ECM not being calibrated. They did it because my ECM wasn't calibrated.

Truck drives very differently and seems to mostly removed the hesitation ands shuddering at low speeds. Even the shift points on hills seems to have improved and the engine / transmission seem far more in synch.
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Is your position a short term gain - or a long term loss? Separate the issues.
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Update on the the hesitation and shuddering (Official Chevy name chuggling).

It returned with a vengeance about three weeks after the EMC update. As i drive into the city daily, the stop and go traffic is so frustrating it makes one mad.

One would think technology would make things better - not worse.

Long story short, i took it to another dealer and had the same tests performed. Imagine this - they could not produce the problem.. but gave me a nice Chevy Tech bulletin stating the truck was designed to do this.

I opened a complaint with the Chevy Exec Offices that is ongoing.

Added to the issue is the Hill Decent Control thing that operates like a Jake brake on hills. This thing is designed to operate at speeds less than 30 MPH, or when in cruise control at higher speeds (maintains downhill speed while in cruise control).

However, mine engages at highway speeds when you tap the brakes on a hill. So 70+ MPH and all of a sudden your truck RPM's go to 4500 (or higher). No brake lights and your truck is nose diving. No quick recovery either - shift to neutral or manual and shift up.

As feared, engaged during a snow storm when I was doing about 35 - loss of control of rear tires within a heartbeat (no - not out driving conditions). Went sideways and back before I could engage manual sift and regain control.

Of course, even with this, the dealership could not reproduce the condition.

Back into the shop next day off.

Exec Offices are interceding, and keeping track. Problem is, as the last shop presented me - Chevy is claiming they designed this to be like this.

So what most of us over 40 or so would classify as a real bad miss, or failure to shift condition - is the new factory PROUD norm.

If any are considering this vehicle - go on extended test drive. Ensure there are hills in the test drive at low speed and highway speeds - and tap the brakes. Also make sure you are in some sort of traffic where various speeds are encountered.

But truth be known, the hesitation and rough shift only produced after a couple hundred miles or so.

The saga continues.

Is your position a short term gain - or a long term loss? Separate the issues.
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sorry ab your troubles bluetick...

I bought a 2016 ram ecodiesel with 9k miles on it about 4 months ago. So far I have noticed things are a little choppy in the transmission until it gets warmed up, but other than that its a dream to drive. The hill decent control must be configured different in the ram bc it works perfectly.

I have noticed a little hesitation in acceleration but as I understand it, it is partially for increased fuel economy and partially to protect the transmission. Just a little adjustment on my part and I don't notice it anymore. But that's a ram not a chevy.

As far as extra costs vs fuel economy savings, I plan on having this truck a long time. Between the extra 10-12 mpg I have been averaging and the fact that oil changes come every 10k miles...i plan on every 8k...I can see how long term this could pay for itself. I tried to put something together based off of 100k miles. So far I've been above 24mpg. My old ram was well below 13, may not be fair comparison based on the current v8 offering by ram but I can change the numbers if you want me to. Price/gallon is based off DE numbers, I fill up down there once a week.
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