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Do you try to clean out an area ?

Do you have any spots that you just go to for some where to relax and do some detecting ?
I did ! I had an old public park that i would go to in the mornings. Not often but i did not try to rape it of everything.
I had seen an other older fellow in there once in a while. Never talked to him though . When he was there i just went elsewhere. From a distance i could see he had a good Garret detector.
At one time there was a swimming pool on the grounds. I t was decided it was in need of too much in repairs so it was filled in and grass planted over the area but the fence was left up and gate locked.
After a couple of years the fence was taken down and it was a very nice grass area.
I decided to try my luck on it ? I got hit after hit? Lots of pennies and dimes!
I was careful to dig and not let any evidence i had been there ! The other older fellow i had not seen him there in a few years.
I go there one day and get my equipment out of my car and walk over the old pool area ! OH MY ! it looks like it was invaded by hundred gophers. Clumps of grass all over and 5 inch holes everywhere!!!!!
I left and went home. Turns out we get a new guy where i was working and i got to talking to him and we talked about detecting. Turns out he tells me about a park he hunted the other day and all the rings and coins he had found?
Guess where that was ?
I haven't been back there since then !

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Willy don't give up on that spot. I been there. I hit a few places where i was told by other detectors and neighbors its been hunted hard. A few times was told some guy or guys hit that area with E-Tracs. Yup i turn around and left. Later thru the year no place to go. I go hit them areas just to get out and enjoy myself what i was told was hit hard. Well all them sites i found some good stuff, rings, silver coins, clad, war buttons. Do these folks tell you this to keep you out? Want it for the selves or for there buddy who does detected? Thats what comes to my mind when i go to them spots and pull out silver coins, rings, fist full of clad.

Another thing comes to my mind is, when i am asked you finding anything? I could have a pocket full of clad or a few silver coins, rings. I always say nothing valuable. I never told anyone what i find. It draws attention. When i do find something good? I don't act like them clowns you see on tv. Jumping around, swinging on a tree branch, run over to his buddy and yell look what i found.

Anyone comes to me say its hunted out or its been hit hard? I continue what i do best, thats swinging the detector. (use too) I don't believe any area could be hunted out, unless a bull dozer comes there and dig up the soil and haul the dirt away.

I been to the same area's that i know i swung my coil over. Example around base of a tree an had a solid signal and pulled out a good signal. Then same token i hit an area and my brother comes over with his Tescoro and pulls out a good signal. When i say a good signal, it could be a dime, quarter, ring, silver. I done the same to him as well. Oh man i will never forget that evening when i know i scan that small area good and slow. I heard nothing thru my headset. Brother comes over scans the area and said to me. How did you miss this? I walk over swung over the spot he said too. WHAT!!!!! It happens. He found it, i missed it IDK how? He pulls out a walker only 3" deep.

I learned alot when i started back in 2013? 2014 i was on a roll. Got to know my detector very well Garrett AT PRO. I know the good sound signals what to dig and what not to dig. I could tell you a pull tab, bottle cap, quarter, penny, dime. OK that said? All dirt in different areas are not the same mineralized ground. Ground balancing before i start tells me if its good soil to go ahead and dig the good signals. If it high minerialized? well got my work cut out. I dug up dimes, quarters etc. and was only maybe 2-3" down in the dirt. them signals was kinda iffy, got that tone mixed in with a mixture junk tone. Thats why you hear "dig everything"

I would not stay away from them areas you were told hunted out. Grab your detector get out there and swing it around. You never know what could be in that plug.
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Like the say more has been lost than found. I go back to areas all the time and seem to find something.
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A few lessons I've learned the hard way over the years . Ground condition changes with moisture content and if it has been fertilized in the near past . Grid search from different directions because coins don't always lay flat . Detectorists don't always recheck a hole after removing a bad target . Different detectors operate on different frequencies which in turn gives better signals on different metal targets . As far as other detectorists leaving a horrible mess behind ? They may be new to the hobby and just weren't thinking . ALWAYS try help explain to them why they should practice good conduct and ( Leave No Trace Behind ) when detecting . By educating them , you help the public image of our hobby and help keep current places open to detecting .

PS: If the Ticks are as bad in your area as they are in mine , use PERMETHRIN on your clothing . They drop dead as soon as they attach to the treated clothing .

Happy Hunting ,
Rick .
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