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Re: Santa request - tanning kit???

Originally Posted by Bluetick
A budding taxidermist?

Arrange a visit to a local shop. Fuel the fire.

Or, check out when the PA Taxidermist Convention is and go look at the mounts. The sportsmen's show in February is another good place to see hides and mounts.
I think maybe. We brought home our first ever game animal last weekend and she just could not help but touch it and pose it and examine it all over as we got ready to gut it and skin it. She skinned it. She's just very oriented towards the outdoors but also anything she can do with her hands. It would be a great thing for her to get into. I think the convention idea is a good idea. We actually have a young female taxidermist in the city. She does fashion pieces and unusual taxidermy, in addition to the usual trophy mounts. Maybe we could stop by her shop.
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