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Santa request - tanning kit???


I have never posted in this forum but my daughter is really interested in tanning and processing pelts for sewing projects. I just talked to my mom and she said when she asked her what she wanted for Christmas she said she most wanted a "tanning kit" which did not surprise me but I have to admit I am not sure what that would mean for a kid.

Some background: We are novice hunters so we don't know a lot about dealing with animal skins so we're not much help in this area. The kid jumped in and skinned a squirrel we shot last week almost all by herself. She'd been doing research on Youtube about different skinning methods in anticipation of our hunt (who knew?) and just got right in there breaking the tailbone and making the cuts herself. I was impressed with her passion for it so I want to encourage her as much as possible but she's only ten, so I don't want her exposed to any dangerous chemicals. She's attempting to deal with that squirrel skin with a salt tanning method she had also already researched (again, who knew this is how she spent her free time?!). Her ultimate plan is to buy a breeding pair of rabbits with money she has saved up from birthdays and make stuff with the fur she harvests.

I am wondering if anyone would help me figure out what to buy for a ten year old who had this kind of interest and a genuine passion for it?

- J
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