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For the last couple of years my wife has been hounding me to get into better shape. I've noticed that even walking a few hundred yards to a treestand leaves me breathless and sweating like crazy. I have actually avoided hunting with some people because I know they will want to drive deer and I am not up for it. I would try now and again. We did walks, we did Insanity, we would hike or geocache but the end result is still the same. I end up quitting.

I want to be in better shape for her and for myself, I used to be in really good shape, but can't seem to sustain a plan anymore.

I purchased my first ever preference point so I can go Wyoming elk hunting in a few years and thought that would be good motivation but yet nothing.

So my question is this, how do you guys motivate yourselves? How to you keep it up? How do you stop eating the things you love? What's the key?

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Re: Motivation?

Personally, I know I feel better with just a little exercise. Beyond that, it is finding something you like doing.

One of the easiest things I found to do, and I did it to get ready for elk hunting in Colorado as well, is to simply walk with a weighted pack. Start with light weight and short distances and build up over time. You can walk anywhere which makes it easy. Don't have to go to a gym or anything.

In the grand scheme of things, self control and discipline to a healthy lifestyle, not that I am living it lol
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Re: Motivation?

Everyone has their own form of motivation. Mine started with finally being tired of being fat and I kept thinking about how when I finally have time to do the things I want, I wouldn't physically be able to. You have to want it and I mean TRULY want it. When I hit that point I went to the Doc first to make sure it was safe to start doing things. Knowing that I'd have to go back and face him and the scale helped some. I started walking and then, as unlikely as it was at the time, I ended up running. That 1st half mile I thought I was going to die. My motivation to keep running and to actually train ( including strength training) is to sign up for races. Please don't be intimidated. Pick a small local 5k and you'll see ALL levels of fitness. I'm signed up for the biggest race of my life. I'm doing the 30K part of the Glacier Ridge Ultra in April. Knowing that I've only got a certain amount of time gets me out there. I'm not saying you have to run but it does give you to most bang for you buck. As far as dieting is concerned... that was a waste of time for me. I know Weight Watchers works for a lot of people but for every person that it works for there are probably 3 that fell off the wagon and put it back on. I still eat a lot of the same stuff I always did BUT, I eat less of it. If you try to deny yourself all the time, you'll fail. I also started including more veggies. Good Luck

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Re: Motivation?

i joined a weight loss club and visited them twice a week. i paid a lot of money. that's what motivated me to lose 65 pounds.
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Re: Motivation?

Seeing and feeling the results of eating better and exercising are what motivate me. This year in bear season we put on mile after mile after mile. Up and down hills, through nasty tangles of laurel and drug/carried a #140 bear 3 miles on Monday. I think to date it was the most physically taxing bear season I've ever been a part of. At the end of the day I was tired but really felt good. No leg cramps at night and woke up the next day ready to go. I had to drag my buck over a mile back to the truck this year but did it with relative ease. The same drag last year dang near killed me. I went grouse hunting the Friday before buck season and the dog got wore out before I did. Now that its getting colder, I plan on joining a gym so I can continue exercising. I haven't felt this good (with the exception of this nasty bug I have right now) in a long time.

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Re: Motivation?

My motivation comes and goes. Sadly, hunting and the holidays kill my motivation. Aside from bear hunting and the occasional still hunt most of my hunting is in a stand. From mid-October until mid-January I'm so strapped for time that I can't even get things done that NEED done, let alone find the time to work out. There's so many meals on the run(read, not healthy) and so many late nights and early mornings that sleep suffers. There's so much junk food everywhere you go that it's hard to keep away from it. However, that is a motivator in itself! Starting in January I'll exercise more and eat more healthily. I'll be ice fishing every chance I get and that usually involves miles of dragging a 50lbs sled around the ice and up down some steep, tall hillsides to get to the ice. I'll lose more weight from January to May than I will any other time of the year. I also have curtailed alcohol consumption to just Friday and Saturday nights....I would usually have drinks every night. That in itself has made me feel better already.

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Re: Motivation?

Staying alive to see my kids grow is what motivates me. Knowing that I'll be in my 60s before the youngest is 20 scares me that I won't be able to do with them that I did with the older ones.

Shoot straight

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I am 71, work out 3 days a week for seventy minutes, do about 22+ exercises, 2 sets of each mostly free weights and related equipment. I am motivated when I get into flow after several work outs after I have been away from the gym for any length of time. Then I look forward to working out and can't imagine not working out. I do miss a few sessions during hunting season, but get back in the routine as quickly as I can. Feel great.
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I go for a long walk every day, with my main motivation being staying in shape for mountain stream native brook trout fishing, which often requires long walks, often over rough terrain, with large elevation changes. At least to get to some of the streams I want to fish.

If hunting is the main thing you enjoy outdoors, then that can be your motivator.

Try to find places to walk nearby, close to where you live and where you work that you enjoy. So, the walk itself is something that you look forward to, not some "chore" to be done.

Close to where I live there is a walking path that goes along the stream. I love walking there. Even though it is close to town, it is outdoorsy enough that it's really enjoyable.

There are many walking/biking paths around, and many parks. And in many places there are residential neighborhoods where it is easy to walk.
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for me it's arrogance honestly. I like to be big, strong and the object of women's desire (I am 100% faithful but I do love attention LOL and I know it's usually in my head cuz most women don't really care) It's just fun being the guy who everyone knows is a beast...

if your looking for that morning workout boost:
Arnold motivational speech
Ray Lewis motivational speech
CT Fletcher pretty much anything

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