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Re: Fly Rod / Reel Opinions

I fish the Oak a lot and a 8wt will be great for the steels and browns and as far as the salmon No Problem!! 30lb king wont bust it, Not even close! unless you dont know how to fish and hold your rod straight to the heaven like a lighting rod for all the pressure on the tip, People tend to forget the leader/tippit will break way before the rod does even on those Mean Kings. So dont waste your money on buying two rods, 8wt is perfect all around rod for the Oak, I know guys in Flordia that use an 8wt to stop the blistering speeds of Bones dead in there tracks.
Stop in at Orleans Outdoors tackle shop when you get up there and talk to Ron He will help you out alot set you up and if you buy your rod there he will take 10% off of it and if you buy a combo he will take 20% off. Sweet Deal! He sells all Brands of rods and reels. I use a Loomis rod and a Ross Rhythem reel (I personally like USA products and try to save up and buy them when i can) Its good lifetime waranty stuff but little pricy. But worth it for life. Get after them and have fun up there its a good time!
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