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Re: Rangefinders

I have a Nikon 440. My recommendation would be that if you should take it hunting, you range the area as soon as you get into your position. Know the landmarks and trees and such. Never put yourself in a position to need it just before the shot.

As this is the Archery forum, I assume the rangefinder is in the context of bow hunting. Enough going on without having to know the exact distance via a rangefinder.

The OP didn't say if they hunt with a compound, crossbow, or traditional rig. But if you're shooting a high-tech setup, the speed and trajectory should be enough that you can use the rangefinder in advance and not need it real-time.

Forget the "arc" myth. If you are a tree hunter, just range other trees at eye level and you got your distance.

I do have a couple of stand sites where I do need to understand distance, a 30-35 yarder is possible. So I just know that this tree, that stump is X number of yards by ranging them in advance. It is a good tool, but I believe if you're trying to fool around with a rangefinder at the so-called moment of truth, you're just adding complications to an already complicated situation.

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