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How long does it take you to set up your stand?

I hear people say all the time how lighting fast they can set up their tree stands. I must be slow????


After I reach my selected tree I check the wind then open my backpack pull out my safety vest and put it on, switch my cell phone from my belt to my vest pocket, take out my safety belt and put it around my waist for easy access, carefully put my stand around the tree and fit it to the proper size, put out my scent canisters, attach my pull rope to my bow, attach climbing rope and slowly climb my tree careful not to make a sound and to listen as I go up the tree. After I reach my apex, I attach my safety belt to the tree and my vest, put up my accessory holder, hang my binoculars, range finder and calls, pull up my bow, place it in my bow holder and put on my release. All this takes me a good 15 minutes.


I plan 45 minutes. I use the rope steps which take a little time.

Ladder stand:

Even though the instructions calls for three guys to put it up I often put it up and take it down my myself Again I plan 45 minutes.

How long for you?

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