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Brass under trim length ????

What variations will this cause in accuracy ?
I have a bag of RP new 30-06 brass i opened. I always run new brass thru a FLS die and square up the ends . I use a Lee trimmer by hand.
This new bag of brass has 21 brass that the trimmer won't touch because they are way to short ?
Book says Max length is 2.494 / Trim length is 2.484 .
These are ,with out trimming between 2.475 and 2.800 ! As i said these are brand new un-fired brass !
Last fall i picked up 30-06 brass at the range as people shot their rifles in [ or they gave it to me] . So i dug this stuff up. I mark all my brass from where i get it from and when ?
A lot of it,out of factory boxes was also way under Minimum Length and it was all once fired !!!!!
I do not give advice at the range when folks are trying to shoot in their deer rifles any more. A couple years a go i was telling a guy what to try and he looks at me and says " What the h--- do you know ?"
Could this be a part or one of the reason factory ammo is hard to get consistent patterns? { i will call it Patterns because most these folks only shoot their guns enough times a year to get a pattern ?}
These are RP remington brass.

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That isn't a major issue.

If you were going to notice that kind of small variation in brass in your accuracy, you wouldn't be using Rem brass. I don't mean that you shouldn't use RP brass, rather it's not "high end" brass. You'd see more impact on your groups by using premium brass with super consistent capacity/volume than you would be stressing over RP brass having 10/100 or so variance on the case length, which will disappear after the first firing anyway (most likely).

Plus, the 06 case headspaces on the shoulder, so the mouth position isn't a safety concern in this situation.

Do this...weigh 10 cases. See what your case weight variation is. I bet you see 5gr variance....or more. Maybe a lot more.

Get a concentricity gauge and measure the neck concentricity and I bet you see variance.

If you want the kind of consistency you're sort of hinting at, you need consistent case volume and neck concentricity as well, and I guarantee you the RP brass won't be stellar in either regard.


I also bet if you follow good reloading protocols, you can use that RP brass to produce very capable groups from your rifle.

One thing I can't recommend highly enough is to partial full length size your brass. Fire it once, then when you resize, set your sizer to barely push the shoulder back enough to chamber the case. I can give you more specific instruction that if you need it.

When you do that, your cases won't have to stretch much on each firing. You'll trim very infrequently, and your brass will last about forever if you anneal every few load cycles. If you really wanna make that brass sing, you could get a neck turner and turn the necks for super consistent neck thickness (meaning consistent neck tension), get a carbide sizer button for your die, and weight sort that brass so you are working with very, very consistent components.

But to what effect? You'll spend a lot of time and money, and if you produce 1.5" groups at 100 with that brass (VERY doable), and you reduce it to 0.75", does it matter?

Only you can answer that question.
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Yeah I've seen my fair share of short brass. As the previous post indicated, it's only a big deal if you want it to be. Reloading can be as simple or as hard as you want to make it. Of course we're all looking to shoot the best groups but I know that I'm guilty of getting too wrapped up in the details. My advice is trim any that are too long, if none of them are too long consider yourself lucky that you don't have to bother with them.
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The only real issue you will have, is if you are crimping. I am assuming these are to be used in a rifle OTHER THAN semi auto. Neck tension will be fine with a short case.
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Brass is better a little too short, rather than too long. I always trim mine to .005 -.010" under SAMMI. However, in the rifle chamber, a carbon ring will form in that .005-010" space. You need to keep the throat very clean to avoid carbon build up.

If this is not a bolt gun, I would not recommend neck sizing only.

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Originally Posted by tdd View Post

If you were going to notice that kind of small variation in brass in your accuracy, you wouldn't be using Rem brass.
Good one!
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Just fire them once, it'll even out !
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