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243 Reduced Loads Using Blue Dot Powder

This information is not mine. It was developed by someone outside of HPA.

"This is for academic purposes only, as I can only verify this data is safe in my rifles.. so if you use it, it is at your own risk...

Blue Dot Range Report; 243 Winchester

Rifle Used: Winchester Varmint

Barrel Length: 26 inches

Case Used: Remington New

Primer: Fed 210

Max: Capacity: 41.0 grains

Capacity Tested: 8 ( 20%) to 24 grains ( 60%)

1. Bullet : 55 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip OAL: 67.50 mm

8 grs: 1785 fps 13 grs: 2381 fps 18 grs: 2979 fps
9 grs: 1927 fps 14 grs: 2525 fps 19 grs: 3078 fps
10 grs: 2096 fps 15 grs: 2633 fps 20 grs: 3182 fps
11 grs: 2128 fps 16 grs: 2750 fps 21 grs: 3285 fps
12 grs: 2241 fps 17 grs: 2898 fps 22 grs: 3342 fps

23 grs: 3471 fps 24 grs: 3555 fps

Max Is recommended at 22 grains for reliable brass life.

2. Bullet: 60 grain Sierra Hollow Point OAL; 67.50 mm

8grs: 1675 fps 14grs: 2404 fps 20grs: 3047 fps
9grs: 1779 fps 15grs: 2526 fps 21grs: 3159 fps
10grs: 1869 fps 16grs: 2591 fps 22grs: 3227 fps
11 grs: 2018 fps 17grs: 2718 fps
12grs: 2167 fps 18grs: 2809 fps 23grs: 3286 fps
13 grs: 2305 fps 19grs: 2961 fps

Max is recommended at 22 grains for reliable brass life.

3. Bullet: 75 grain Hornady Hollow Point; OAL: 69.50 mm

8 grs: 1279 fps 13 grs: 2082 fps 18grs: 2604 fps
9grs: 1639 fps 14 grs: 2211 fps 19grs: 2704 fps
10grs: 1755 fps 15grs: 2280 fps 20grs: 2761 fps
11grs: 1882 fps 16grs: 2424 fps 21grs: 2798 fps
12grs: 1989 fps 17grs: 2499 fps 22grs: 2958 fps

75 grain Hornady Continued

23 grs: 3016 fps

Max is recommended at 22 grains for reliable brass life.

3. Bullet: 80 grain Winchester SP: OAL: 69.50 mm

8grs: 1340 fps 14grs: 2159 fps 20grs: 2725 fps
9grs: 1578 fps 15grs: 2265 fps 21grs: 2811 fps
10grs: 1696 fps 16grs: 2298 fps 22grs: 2826 fps
11grs: 1894 fps 17grs: 2462 fps 23grs: 2928 fps
12grs: 1928 fps 18grs: 2552 fps
13grs: 2069 fps 19grs: 2665 fps

Max is recommended at 21 grains for reliable brass life

4. Bullet: 87 grain Hornady SP: OAL: 69.60 mm

8grs: 1057 fps 14grs: 2026 fps 20grs: 2580 fps
9grs: 1434 fps 15grs: 2108 fps 21grs: 2652 fps
10grs: 1558 fps 16grs: 2226 fps 22grs: 2741 fps
11grs: 1683 fps 17grs: 2323 fps 23grs: 2782 fps
12grs: 1806 fps 18grs: 2415 fps
13grs: 1898 fps 19grs: 2487 fps

Max is recommended at 22 grains for reliable brass life.

5. Bullet: 95 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip: OAL: 70.50mm

10grs: 1520 fps 15grs: 2080 fps 20grs: 2514 fps
11grs: 1648 fps 16grs: 2159 fps 21grs: 2601 fps
12grs: 1757 fps 17grs: 2250 fps 22grs: 2693 fps
13grs: 1868 fps 18grs: 2295 fps 23grs: 2740 fps
14grs: 1974 fps 19grs: 2420 fps

Max is recommend at 22 grains for reliable brass life.

6. Bullet: 100 grain Hornady SP; OAL: 69.25 mm

11grs: 1575 fps 16grs: 2113 fps 21grs: 2512 fps
12grs: 1724 fps 17grs: 2207 fps 22grs: 2581 fps
13grs: 1828 fps 18grs: 2299 fps
14grs: 1927 fps 19grs: 2365 fps
15grs: 2019 fps 20grs: 2438 fps

Max is recommended at 21 grains for reliable brass life.

7. Bullet: 105 grain Speer SP; OAL: 70.50 mm

10grs: 1270 fps 16grs: 2050 fps 22grs: 2561 fps
11grs: 1521 fps 17grs: 2142 fps
12grs: 1668 fps 18grs: 2239 fps
13grs: 1757 fps 19grs; 2311 fps
14grs: 1837 fps 20grs: 2412 fps
15grs: 1928 fps 21grs: 2483 fps

Max is recommended at 22 grains for reliable brass life.


1. I consider the 243 much more versatile for a first rifle using these loads than starting a younger shooter out on a 223 or 22/250. It will duplicate the other two rounds, plus has the ability to handle a heavier bullet while still giving mild recoil characteristics.
2. The 243 offers a wide variety of bullets from 55 grain to 105 grain for hunting, and even 107 and 115 grain bullets for long range target shooting and competition.
3. Some bullets that are lighter than other bullets reach max pressure signs at lower powder charges, than a few heavier bullets. This is caused by the load bearing surface of the bullet.


1. Contrary to what is usually seen, or expected: In using trees about 8 inches in diameter as backstops, I noticed that in the 2200 to 2800 fps range, most of the varmint bullets were actually penetrating thru the trees completely. Since they are suppose to be fragile for varmint applications, I did not expect to see this. However It was observed in the 55 grain Ballistic Tip, the 60 grain Sierra Hollow Point and the 75 grain Hornady Hollow Point.
2. Therefore it is my PERSONAL conclusion that these bullets might be considered as potential bullets on deer sized game in parts of the country where deer only get to be Antelope sized animals.
3. If this is done, the results are strictly the responsibility of the handloader and shooter. IN the 2200 to 2800 fps range, the rear core is staying intact and not exploding like is advertised a varmint bullet should do. Over this speed the bullet is performing in the explosive manner as designed.
4. I got input from other shooters on an internet forum asking about their experience with this bullet, there were some successes, some failures, and many recommendations for a larger bullet. However, if someone desires to use these varmint style bullets, I advise testing them yourself and analyse your results before deciding to use them.

As always, work your loads up from a point long before listed maximum.

I hope that this information is useful in teaching new and young shooters how to shoot properly and safely. Recoil will be substantially less than typical factory loads. This should assist in accurate shot placement by the shooter.

Cheers and Good shooting
Seafire, May 2004

This data is also applicable for the 6mm Rem.. or close enough for "government work"....and yes, I have tested it in a 6mm Rem also..."
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Thanks again!
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I'm pretty sure shooting into live trees is frowned upon. Secondly, a .243 is already an excellent choice for the young shooter, why the reduced recoil on an already suitable youth cartridge?
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There's always a kid that is extra shy of recoil. I know my wife was a little intimidated after shooting a .243. You could load down more if you tried the IMR Trail Boss powder.

I'm thinking my daughters' first gun will be a 6x45mm/6mm-.223. But a .243 with Trail Boss loads would be very easy to practice with and hunt groundhogs. I would assume they would not notice the recoil of a hotter round when hunting deer.
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An 8 year old girl shot my trail boss loads in my 30-06 and said it's fun.I thought so too.Never tried blue dot but might.

Bob Seger,till it shines.
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Never saw a 243 with a 26 inch barrel. What kind of rifle is it?
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H4895 is still, imho, the best reduced recoil hunting load powder going.

Any bullet, go to 60% published max charge and that's your minimum charge. Every time I've done that, it's absolute PIPSQUEAK loads. Recoil is minimal. Barely more than a 22LR. It's still somewhat louder than you'd expect, but it's not going to scare anyone with proper hearing protection in place. I've always felt H4895 is a bit load of report for charge weight, but it's so easy on the shoulder it's insane.

I use it extensively for my daughters reduced recoil loads. It tends to be fairly accurate, too.

Shotgun powders in rifles gets dicey. If you're going to do that, I would HIGHLY recommend access to something like QuickLoad where you can verify pressures and make sure you're not likely to hit a problem.
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