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New Member Introductions

New here? Stop by, say Hello and introduce yourself. Please Note: You need to post here before you can post anywhere else on the forum.
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Getting Started With

Provides tutorials to help you get started using the forum. (more coming soon)
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HPA in the News & Upcoming Events

A place to promote HPA Events and newsworthy happenings
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Sportsmen's Clubs and Organizations Sportsmen's Clubs and Organizations

Club Bulletin Board

From gun raffles to formal dinners if it is hunting related post it here.
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PA Federation of Sportsmen & Conservationists

The Voice of Sportsmen in the Commonwealth.
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PA Chapter NWTF Forum

We are a state chapter of the NWTF and this forum is primarily for PA Chapter NWTF news, articles, commentary, and messages.
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PA Trappers Forum

This is the forum to keep up-to-date on current issues in the trapping community. Brought to you by the Pennsylvania Trappers' Association.
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Pheasants Forever/Quail Forever Forum

This is the forum dedicated to Pheasants/Quail Forever Topics.
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Ruffed Grouse Society Forum

This forum is dedicatd to the Ruffed Grouse Society
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Ducks Unlimited Forum

The forum dedictaed to Ducks Unlimited.
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QDMA Forum

For the organizational business of the QDMA. Deer management discussions belong in AR/HR & Deer Mgmt Forum.
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Celebration of the Harvest Pictures and Recipes

HPA YOUTH Success Forum

A forum to Celebrate the Success of HPA youth hunters 16 and under. Deer, small game, turkey, trapping, good days afield ...We want to see all those smiles and hear those stories!!
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Hunters Success Photo Gallery

This is the place to post that picture from your successful hunt. Read the FAQ to learn how to add images using UBB Code.
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Game Processing and Recipe Forum

You had a good hunt, now have a GREAT meal. Discuss game processing and share RECIPES!! From kill it to grill it.
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General Hunting Boards General Hunting Boards

Your Pa. DCNR Place

The place to find up to date DCNR info
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General Hunting Forum

This is the place to ask hunting questions.
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Big Game Hunting Forum

This is the place to discuss any North American Big Game hunting.
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Air Rifle Forum

Anything Air Rifle related, this is the place.
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"On the Hunt with HPA"- ride shotgun as our members take us along on their adventures afield. The next best thing to sitting in the stand is following the action as our members provide real time stories and adrenaline inducing details of their time afield.
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Turkey Hunting Forum

What gun should I use? How do you use a box call? This is the forum for all your turkey hunting questions.
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Snake Hunting Forum

This is the forum for all your snake hunting questions.
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Spirit of the Hunt

The subject matter is just the love of hunting....a forum open for just sharing stories.
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Hunting Camp

If you own one or just visit. Here is the place to swap information, from maintaince and improvements to the overall camp experience.
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Predator, Varmint and Raccoon Forum

Predator, Varmint and Raccoon Hunting forum.
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Bear and Elk Hunting Forum

This forum is for discussion of the Bear and Elk Hunting.
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Small Game Forum

Where's the best place for grouse? How about rabbit? This is the place to ask these questions.
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Hunting Dog Forum

The man's best friend forum. Ask about choosing, raising, and training dogs.
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Waterfowl Forum

Duck hunters unite! This is the forum for all waterfowl discussions.
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Outdoorsmen/women with Disabilities Forum

This forum is for hunters with disabilities to share ideas.
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Women Hunters Forum

The forum dedicated to women in the outdoors.
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Youth Hunters Forum

This forum is for young hunters to exchange ideas about hunting and the outdoors. Those Hunter/Trapper Education Classes are coming up! -Adults may reply to posts, but please let the kids ask the questions.
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AR / HR & Deer Management Forum

A place to discuss Antler Restrictions, Herd Reduction and other Deer Management Strategies.
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Outfitters and Guides Forum

This forum is the place to discuss past experiences, and methods of finding the best Guides or Outfitters for your money.
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Archery Message Boards Archery Message Boards

Archery Hunting Forum

How to get the most of your archery hunting experience. Traditional or compound, ask your questions here.
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Traditional Archery

A forum for those who enjoy shooting stick and string. Tell us what you use, why you use it, and how good it works. Share your ideas and experiences here.
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  • 752K

Crossbow Hunting Forum

The place to discuss your questions on crossbows and related items. This is NOT a debate forum, opinions concerning the use of this weapon may be removed.
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  • 4.9M

Archery Gear Forum

Tell us what you use, why you use it, and how good it works.
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Black Powder Message Boards Black Powder Message Boards

Muzzleloader Forum

Flash.... Bang. This is the place for all those smokepole questions.
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  • 5.4M

Traditional Forum

A forum for the Traditionalists and to tell us what you use, why you use it, and how good it works. Share your ideas and experiences here.
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Trappers Message Boards Trappers Message Boards

Trapping Forum

Help the beginner set those traps. Ask your questions or give your advice.
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Law and Law Makers Message Board Law and Law Makers Message Board

Second Amendment Watchdog Forum

Forum dedicated to attacks on the Second Amendment.Discuss and announce actions, issues,legislation,and injustices against this backbone amendment here.
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  • 4M

Outdoor Issues

With more issues facing the outdoors person daily this is the place to discuss the legislation that effects the PA hunter.
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  • 9.5M

Hunting Laws and Regulations

Ask your Questions here.
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Guns, Reloading and Gear Guns, Reloading and Gear

Firearm Forum

Ask any firearm related questions in this forum.
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  • 11.4M

Single Shot Forum

Contender, Encore, Ruger #1, and NEF shooters here is the place to discuss your type of firearm.
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Shotgun and Handgun Hunting Forum

The place to discuss hunting with Shotguns and Handguns.
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Clay Busters Forum

If your game is shooting clay, be it Trap, Skeet, or Sporting Clays from the gun you use and the shot you shoot to the way you place your feet, discuss it here.
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Field Gear Forum

If you would like to suggest what gear to use when afield, this is the forum. Which camo is better? Which GPS is better?
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  • 1.8M

Long Range Shooting and Hunting forum

A forum to discuss the art and science behind making the LONG RANGE shot.
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Tactical Firearm Forum

The place to discuss tactical firearms, accessories, set-ups and 3-gun competitions. NOT the place to discuss gun rights , (please Second Amendment forum for that).
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Taxidermy Message Boards Taxidermy Message Boards

Taxidermy and Tanning Forum

Ask your Taxidermy questions here. My dad used to threaten to "tan my hide". Here's the forum for tanning game hides.
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  • 3.5M
Other Outdoor Activities Other Outdoor Activities

Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoes and kayaks are fun for the whole family
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  • 12.5K

Treasure/Arrowhead Hunting

This is the place to share your "other" trophies, whether it be by sight, pick, metal detector or yard sale. Show us your treasures and we'll show you ours!
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  • 577K

Knife/Blade Forum

A place to discuss different knives, knife makers, sharpening techniques etc. This is also a great place to tell others about the pros/cons of knives you have used.
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  • 149K

Camping, Hiking and RVing Forum

From tents to motor homes, discuss your favorite methods and destinations here.
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  • 413K

DIY forum - Do it Yourself Projects

A forum for "Do it yourselfers" to discuss and get ideas for projects. Does not have to be an Outdoors project.
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  • 3.4K
  • 775K

Habitat Forum

What can you do to help bring wildlife in your yard? What can I do to help the deer over a rough winter? This is the forum for this kind of questions.
23.9K 3.5M
  • 23.9K
  • 3.5M

Trail Camera Forum

A place to share your trail cam photos, setup techniques and building knowledge.
35.9K 6.1M
  • 35.9K
  • 6.1M

Outdoor Photo Gallery

What do I need to take good outdoor photos? What kind of camera do I need? Ask your questions here.
33.4K 4.3M
  • 33.4K
  • 4.3M

Outdoor Video Makers Forum

A forum to discuss equipment, tactics, and editing techniques of making Outdoor Videos. Sharing of NON-COMMERCIAL OUTDOOR videos is also encouraged (via link)
822 181K
  • 822
  • 181K

Wilderness/Survival Forum

This is a place to share technics of wilderness trecking and survival. The life you save could be your own.
1.2K 383K
  • 1.2K
  • 383K

ATV, UTV and Off-Road forum

The place to discuss ATV's, UTV's, Off Roading, and Related Gear. This is NOT a debate forum, threads that become debates may be removed.
6.9K 1.2M
  • 6.9K
  • 1.2M

Truck forum

4WD or 2, lifted or lowered, Ford or Chevy, new or old, stock or modified even SUVs (no mini van crossovers)...this is the place to talk TRUCKS!
5.9K 781K
  • 5.9K
  • 781K

Wild Edibles Forum

Ask questions about mushrooms, gardens, and things like it here. Ask now so you can be ready for spring!
10K 2M
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  • 2M
Community Community

Home of the Brave

A place for vets to get together and talk.
605 36.5K
  • 605
  • 36.5K

Sportsmen Connection & Hunt Swap Forum

Got room to take another hunter this weekend? Looking to add a camp/lease member? Want to swap a hunt for a hunt? Do it Here.
2.6K 696K
  • 2.6K
  • 696K

PA Destinations and WMU Guide

Here is a place to share the well known to the obscure places to experience in PA.
902 387K
  • 902
  • 387K

Universal Forum

This place to discuss things other than hunting.
348K 219M
  • 348K
  • 219M


Want to know how people feel about an issue? Ask it here.
10.7K 2.4M
  • 10.7K
  • 2.4M

The Discount Forum

This is where to put time sensitive things like Cabelas codes and other store coupons of an outdoor nature that you feel should be passed on to our members.
29 4.7K
  • 29
  • 4.7K

Fables and Tales Forum

The place to discuss the past, tales, fables, stories and superstition.
1.8K 717K
  • 1.8K
  • 717K
Fishing Message Boards Fishing Message Boards

General Fishing Forum

This forum is for the fishermen and fisherwomen on the site.
12.4K 2.1M
  • 12.4K
  • 2.1M

ICE fishing forum

A seasonal forum for when the ice bite is on!!!
845 128K
  • 845
  • 128K

Trout/Salmon Fishing Forum

The Trout and Salmon Fishing Forum
37.1K 5.3M
  • 37.1K
  • 5.3M

Pike, Walleye, and Muskie Fishing Forum

The Pike, Striper, Walleye, and Muskie Fishing Forum.
4.2K 955K
  • 4.2K
  • 955K

Fly Fishing Forum

The forum dedicated to fly fishing.
9.8K 1.7M
  • 9.8K
  • 1.7M

Bass and Crappie Forum

This forum is dedicated to Bass and Crappie Fishing.
3.3K 641K
  • 3.3K
  • 641K

Catfish/Carp Forum

If it's a fish with whiskers, this is the place to discuss it!
529 73.9K
  • 529
  • 73.9K

Striper & Saltwater Fishing Forum

From fresh water striper to surf and deep sea fishing this is your forum
6.3K 1.4M
  • 6.3K
  • 1.4M

Boats and motors Forum

A place to discuss Boating, water Safety, Motors, and Marine Electronics. If it "Floats your Boat", come on in!
3.8K 1M
  • 3.8K
  • 1M
Classified Ads Classified Ads

Commercial Classified Forum

Have a small or Hobby business Place an ad here. Fee applies, see rules.
219 27.6K
  • 219
  • 27.6K

Hunting and Fishing For Sale Forum

Buy, Sell, & Trade Hunting and Fishing Items Here. Please use Subforums for guns, archery, fishing and Rec vehicles.
3.9K 5.1M
  • 3.9K
  • 5.1M

General Classified Forum

Buy, Sell, & Trade Non-hunting and fishing related items here
104 23.4K
  • 104
  • 23.4K


Looking for something? Place your Wanted to Buy, trade ad here.
292 25.2K
  • 292
  • 25.2K

Vendor Deals

24 2.5K
  • 24
  • 2.5K

Falco Outdoors

18 1.2K
  • 18
  • 1.2K
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