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Advertise with Us We are "Deer camp at home" is the premier outdoor website in Pennsylvania. We are the largest, longest established, and most trafficked hunting site in Pennsylvania. We are a one stop source for hunting, fishing, shooting, and general outdoor information. is a leading source for breaking outdoor news and information in the state. Often, we are the first to have the news available due to our extensive networking. will turn ten years in June 2009. That long term presence on the net has had some very tangible results. We have innumerable cross links and a lengthy list of search engine "tags". This places us highly on search engines. HuntingPA appears on both Google and Yahoo within the first four pages with the very generic search term of "hunting". Please, try it. offers optimal exposure to the nation's largest, and possibly most enthusiastic, group of hunters, fishermen, and those that enjoy outdoor sports. Our membership is over 16,000 registered members as of October 2008. We also have an substantial number of visitors on HuntingPA on a daily basis. also has a robust membership from all surrounding states, across the US and many overseas locations.

Why the Pennsylvania Market?

  • Pennsylvania sells over 900,000 hunting licenses annually. An equal number of fishing licenses are sold.

  • The Game Commission alone controls nearly 1.5 million acres of land used for public hunting.

  • The Game Commission has also entered into agreements with private landowners for hunter access. The land in this program is just over three million acres and growing.

  • Also available are the 2.1 million acres of state forests and parks controlled by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Nearly all is available for public hunting.

  • The last audit of the economic impact of hunting, fishing and trapping in Pennsylvania found these activities generated 9.6 billion dollars.

  • Most recently, the report, "Hunting and Fishing: Bright Stars of the American Economy ~ A force as big as all outdoors," was produced by the Congressional Sportsman's Foundation. In that report, Pennsylvania Sportsmen were number one in the nation for days afield with 16 million:

Hunting and fishing are big business in Pennsylvania. We provide reliable year around access to this market.

Detailed Information about is available in our media kit. A full description of, the Pennsylvania outdoors market place, site statistics, and our ad plans are included. Ask for the media kit by emailing us at: [email protected].

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