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35 Perfect Pheasant
36 Pheasant And Wild Rice
37 Quail
80 Broiled Quail with Bacon and Mustard
81 Raspberry Glaze for Grilled Quail
224 Pheasant wild rice casserole
225 Braised pheasant
226 Roast pheasant with rice
227 Lentil pheasant soup
228 Oven-braised pheasant with sauerkraut
229 Pheasant or grouse over charcoal
230 Pheasant in spiced sour cream
231 Pheasant with champagne cabbage iv (sauce)
232 Pheasant roast
233 Pheasant with cinnamon and basil
234 Pheasant with grapes & white wine sauce
235 Pheasant with roasted garlic and lemon
236 Baked Pheasant
237 Pheasant with Mushrooms
239 Oven Fried Pheasant
240 Pheasant with champagne cabbage v (cabbage)
253 Bacon BBQ Bird
254 Sour Quail
255 Honey Roast Pheasant


Quail Casserole
270 Bird on Toast

Enjoy the recipes at your own risk!  We do not take any liability for the quality or any heartburn, indigestion, etc. it may cause!