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My log cabin is near the county line of Potter/Tioga.
The fact is there are still a lot of Deer in our properly managed forests, especially on private property, however in our states poorly managed areas, the east and south central there are no Deer or Turkey or Grouse or Bear.... Purchase a nice piece of land and move in, we have land & camps for sale in this area right now...
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Pine Creek, Thanks for the offer but I hunt out of a camp thats been in my buddies family since they built it in, I believe '54. We have done our share of work to it and made it what it is today. I'm not looking to relocate. If you are truely seeing that much wildlife then you are truely blessed. I can say it was like that on the McKean/Warren line where we are located many moons ago. Deer were everywhere as were grouse, rabbits, and black squirrels. Bears were more comman then, than what they are now. I haven't seen a black squirrel in 12 yrs...at least. As for your comment about south central and eastern Pa...I lived in Lebanon Co. for a while in the mid '80s. This is before I hunted. That area is farm land; and lots of it. I saw deer all the time. I remember seeing bucks that I compaired to the ones in whatever hunting magazine I could find. Every now and then you'd hear about a bear sighting but not often. There was a big track of corn field across from our place & I remember watching phesants and turkey strutting around in the cut corn. So I remember something quite different than what you mention.

I hope I didn't offend you with my initial reply. You just really surprised me with your first comment about so many deer. Take care
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