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#2622176 - Mon Mar 19 2012 06:52 PM Re: sell me on why i need to use a climber [Re: TurkeyMike]
jlh42581 Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Mon Nov 03 2008
Posts: 4335
Loc: Centre County, PA
I carry my lone wolf alpha and 4 sticks in almost daily. I can set it up and take it down in the dark.

Ill tell you go buy a climber simply because I dont want any more competition. If you think a climber has any advantage over this setup you really have no clue what makes a good stand. Its not how fast you can get up the tree.

Whats the big hurry? I would rather be stealth and be in a tree with cover. Any tree from 4" in diameter to 3 ft in diameter.

Ive owned every climber made and I sold every single one. I have a locon limit that weighs 8lbs for nasty treks which knocks my stand weight down to 18lbs. Sure, thats heavy for a stand setup but when youre bringing the deer out in pieces 18lbs is the lightest part of the load. Im not afraid to go back for a second trip in the dark.

You guys would die in the back country. It all boils down to the right gear. It might take a year, it might take you ten years but some day youll find that you wish you had the thousands back to do it right the first time.

A pack frame is your friend.

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What I say might not be the popular trend but at least Im not afraid to speak my mind!

#2622546 - Tue Mar 20 2012 07:22 AM Re: sell me on why i need to use a climber [Re: TurkeyMike]
DethFrumAbuv Offline

Registered: Sun Sep 30 2007
Posts: 1949
Loc: Westmoreland
I'll take the position on other side on the statement that "it's not how fast you can get up a tree". Depends on the circumstances with that one, and it does matter how quietly and safley you can get up a tree.

Setting up four sticks and a stand, in the dark, is going to either cause a lot of commotion or take a lot of practice to be able to do that in the dark and quietly. I believe it can be done, but that's a lot of straps and fasteners that need to be put on correctly to be safe. It's a more complicated approach than a quality climbing stand, not for everyone.

And, this is are effectively using sticks and a stand to provide the functionality of a climber with the option to use the setup in trees with limbs. That option has merits.

That's a trade-off in the complexity of the setup verses the versatility of not needing a phone-pole of a tree. Each approach works.

Even if you go in at 3AM, those big bucks are more nocturnal creatures and could be alerted to a hunter's presence by all the movement or noise in trying to strap climing sticks to a tree, especially one that has a lot of cover.

Especially if you hunt pressured deer in semi-rural areas with people, farms, dogs, hikers, horseback riders all around, deer are used to playing a constant game of avoid-the-human. In my situation I've learned that get in, stay quiet, get out as quickly as possible with no disturbances is my best approach. I don't rush up the tree, one must take their time so you don't clang around too much, it's not a race. But so is not putzing around with a stand, scent, and so on. Get in and get settled as quickly and stealthy as possible. In lieu of hanging a stand to be stolen or advertise my spot, I went with a climber.

I don't need a tree with a lot of cover around me or below me. I don't need to be banging bow limbs off of twigs or trying to shoot through a tiny hole. I want cover behind and above me. If they're close enough to look up and really make me out, then if I wanted that deer dead, it's already dead by that time.

But either way, the use of a climber stand, or toting in a lockon stand and climbing sticks, is still the same basic concept of a mobile stand, set up at the time of the hunt, and taken out with you. Allows the flexibility of moving locations in real time, and avoids the theft issue.
A closed mind keeps the truth out

#2622580 - Tue Mar 20 2012 08:34 AM Re: sell me on why i need to use a climber [Re: TurkeyMike]
hightine Offline

Registered: Tue Mar 18 2008
Posts: 2039
Loc: 4D - valley of the bad wind
Safely for me is the key. Nothing matters if I can't do it safely. I need two lineman's belts to hang a stand and hunt it immediately. Carrying three heavy duty hooks and two belts adds to weight and bulk.

I can think of more than one occasion where deer smelled the base of the tree I climbed and about did a backflip. I do my very best to not contact the base of the tree with anything I touch. That can't be done with a fresh setup stick. I can set up a climber without touching anything that contacts the tree. That is not to say a climber is better as all have their place.
It's a good spot. Just not today.

#2622852 - Tue Mar 20 2012 01:14 PM Re: sell me on why i need to use a climber [Re: TurkeyMike]
Razortec Offline

Registered: Wed Oct 18 2006
Posts: 55
Loc: Cambria County
I never use a climber, tree choices limited, get sweated up climbing, make noise etc. I too like using sticks and a hang on. I have the lone wolf sticks and love them, but they're expensive. You can buy stands like the lone wolf with a bracket hanging system and get multiple brackets and take your stand with you. I have a Loggy bracket stand that I hang and take with me. This way I just leave cheap 25-30 dollar steel sticks up. If someone wants to carry 30 pounds for a couple bucks, they can have them. I don't ever lock them. Once you have a bracket in place hanging a stand in the dark is simple. Set it on the bracket, wrap one belt around the tree and you're hunting. No noise, sweat, plus by pre-hanging you can get shooting lanes cut in. When I used a climber, I don't know how many times I'd get to my hunting height and always would be disappointed with limbs in the road. Climbers are ok for hitting a new spot for one time, but I can't see using them to hunt all season with.

#2623332 - Tue Mar 20 2012 08:48 PM Re: sell me on why i need to use a climber [Re: TurkeyMike]
DethFrumAbuv Offline

Registered: Sun Sep 30 2007
Posts: 1949
Loc: Westmoreland
Razor, your tree choice is even more limited once you set up and leave your sticks and brackets in place. You're hunting that one tree.

With a climber, there are limits in that you have to have a certain tree, straight, no limbs. But for my situation (and there are many different ones), there are several trees to choose from. I can move left or right, depending on the wind.

By climbing once in July or August with a climber you can also have lanes cut, know the platform angle, and all of that preparation for any good tree stand, lock on or permanent. My trees are all prepped and ready in the summer. And, if I had 1000 acres to myself, with a LoJack in the stand, so there is no threat of theft or someone else suddenly in my spot, sure I'd just lock one on and not carry it.

And, by using the bracket system and taking your stand with you, really, it's a "climber", just not a "climbing stand". You still have to put it up each time.

Each method has advantages and limitations, everyone must judge which solution fits their own needs the best. Lock on with sticks or a climber, being up that tree is a big benefit for the archer especially, IMHO.

I find that being able to adjust the stand site in real-time, and not require multiple sets of sticks and brackets that are left in the woods at risk of theft, are attractive to me. I also have learned not to advertise my stand sites, I think one neighbor hunts me as hard as the deer. I live here, he hunts out of his parents' house, and as such, I know a lot more about the local situation and I believe he tries to use me as a free scouting service. Having sticks and a bracket on a tree is just an invitation to say DUDE! HUNT HERE!

As such, I have to deal with toting a climber in and out, and making sure I quietly climb the tree each time and wear my harness.
A closed mind keeps the truth out

#2623470 - Tue Mar 20 2012 09:56 PM Re: sell me on why i need to use a climber [Re: TurkeyMike]
op27 Offline
On the board

Registered: Sun Jan 10 2010
Posts: 260
Loc: South West PA
Stay out of the tree's. There's no deer in them anyway

#2623807 - Wed Mar 21 2012 09:05 AM Re: sell me on why i need to use a climber [Re: TurkeyMike]
dce Offline
Stopped counting

Registered: Mon Aug 20 2001
Posts: 17594
Loc: dubois
The only time I use a lock on is when I hunt a spot that has no good tree to climb with a climber.Normally,I can find a usable tree to climb and having the ability to relocate 2o 20 yards often makes the difference.On top of that,I'm way more comfortable in a climber and can sit longer.I personally think a hunter is at a huge disadvantage not owning a climber.

#2624152 - Wed Mar 21 2012 03:00 PM Re: sell me on why i need to use a climber [Re: TurkeyMike]
Double Lung 20 Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Tue Jun 02 2009
Posts: 4445
Loc: PA - 4C and 5B
Climbing stands are very, very comfortable. I can hunt all day no problem in my Summit Viper without getting down.
God Bless the USA.

#2624229 - Wed Mar 21 2012 04:36 PM Re: sell me on why i need to use a climber [Re: TurkeyMike]
dce Offline
Stopped counting

Registered: Mon Aug 20 2001
Posts: 17594
Loc: dubois
I mainly use a lone wolf with a summit seat.Best of both worlds.

#2624242 - Wed Mar 21 2012 04:50 PM Re: sell me on why i need to use a climber [Re: dce]
steelhead125 Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Fri Sep 25 2009
Posts: 4571
Loc: Steeler Country 2D/2C
One bad thing about a climber is it has made me kind of lazy. There have been some real good spots I have passed up over the last few years because there were no trees I could use with it.
It is a pain in the butt to carry a hang on into the woods and set it up, but I am doing it this year.
Darton DS-3800
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