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#2488271 - Tue Dec 13 2011 05:01 PM Loading power belts?
Slay Offline

Registered: Wed Oct 06 2004
Posts: 1295
Loc: Crawford County Pa
So, I have 2 packages of 295 gr aerotip copper series power belts and am gonna use them in my 50 cal lyman deerstalker. If I understand this right, I just pour the powder down the barrel and ram the powerbelt down like any other...minus the lubed patch. Is this correct?

Do power belts require 777 pellets? All I have is 3F Goex. Will this be a problem? The only muzzle loading shop we had near me has gone out of business, so it's hard to self teach.

#2488274 - Tue Dec 13 2011 05:04 PM Re: Loading power belts? [Re: Slay]
pumpgun Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Sun Dec 25 2005
Posts: 3694
Loc: Under a Hemlock in the rain
i use the powerbelts with 2 50gr pyrodex with excellent results. i have a t/c firestorm and i put just a pinch of 4F down the bore first and then the 2 pellets and then the powerbelt. if i can resist the flinch i get 2" or better groups at 50 yards.
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#2488372 - Tue Dec 13 2011 05:56 PM Re: Loading power belts? [Re: pumpgun]
jstahl Offline
On the board

Registered: Tue Nov 17 2009
Posts: 238
Loc: westmoreland
I use the powerbelts with 80 gr of 2f in my flintlock and haven't had a problem. Just gotta find the right charge for it.

#2488420 - Tue Dec 13 2011 06:23 PM Re: Loading power belts? [Re: jstahl]
burk313 Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Sun Jan 28 2001
Posts: 2618
Loc: Chambersburg,Pa
You can use the 3Goex powder... Be sure when driving the powerbelt down the barrel you have some tightness and be sure it is seated completely on top of the powder charge..Some bullets can slide out the end of the barrel when you point it toward the ground..

#2489427 - Wed Dec 14 2011 01:40 AM Re: Loading power belts? [Re: burk313]
Jester Offline
old hand

Registered: Thu Jan 10 2008
Posts: 900
Loc: Armstrong Co. Pennsyltucky, C...
Be careful of trying the 777 pellets in a flinter. Ignition may be slow or not at all.

I shoot the same bullets (different weight 245) from my Lyman GPR and my son from his Deerstalker. We load a little differently from most people though. 5gr. 3f BP, 90gr. 2f 777. 4 f in the pan.

Loose BP will be just fine. Loose 777 works too but we found that there was some delay so we added the 5gr. 3f BP kicker to eliminate that.

I've never had one load loose and I can push them down the barrel with a finger on the ramrod. BUT......I swab after every shot (wet, dry, lube). We also use a knurled jag ( cleaning patch jag) on the end of our ramrods with a hollowed out end on the jag. The bullet point does not get smashed or touched when loading. They (of course) sell a loading kit for the numerous PB configurations but I'm too cheap to buy them. LOL!
Do you smell smoke? Ooops!!! Time to re-load!

#2489818 - Wed Dec 14 2011 12:40 PM Re: Loading power belts? [Re: Jester]
pt1e Offline
old hand

Registered: Tue Oct 25 2005
Posts: 788
Loc: Western PA
i put a dab of bore butter on my finger and roll the edge of the powerbelt to help it go down the bore smoother. never done it without that so not sure how tough they are to put down unlubed.

#2489858 - Wed Dec 14 2011 01:15 PM Re: Loading power belts? [Re: pt1e]
mightyjoeyoung Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Tue Feb 22 2011
Posts: 3335
Loc: North West, PA
Ok, two things and I'm not trying to flame anybody here but 1: if you're having slow fires or hang fires with 777, why not change to say a true BP substitute or just BP to begin with? Shockey's Gold is so much better suited to flinters if you're gonna use a substitute. 2: Why on earth would you want to lubricate a bullet desiged to already be easy...very easy to load in the first place? Lubricating the bullet makes it that much easier for it to move off the podwer charge, creating a danerous air space, risking damage to the rifle at best, and the shooter at worst. The ring base of the bullet is designed to be self-lubricating already.
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#2490090 - Wed Dec 14 2011 03:45 PM Re: Loading power belts? [Re: mightyjoeyoung]
pt1e Offline
old hand

Registered: Tue Oct 25 2005
Posts: 788
Loc: Western PA
i will double check but i want to say that is on the inst if you are having some difficulty getting your powerbelt down the barrel. i havent had any issues and i still tamp down my powerbelt against the charge.its a very very thin coating I am putting on it...that is not on the bullet...just the base of the powerbelt.

#2490489 - Wed Dec 14 2011 08:00 PM Re: Loading power belts? [Re: pt1e]
Jester Offline
old hand

Registered: Thu Jan 10 2008
Posts: 900
Loc: Armstrong Co. Pennsyltucky, C...
I like the ease of cleaning with 777 as opposed to BP. As for trying another substitute it's kinda simple.....I like 777 and over a couple years bought 8 lbs at Wal Mart on clearance. I have 3 lbs left and can't see letting it go to waste. Also, after working up a load for the gun and taking numerous deer, a hog, a bear and groundhog with shots from 8yds to 139 yds. I'm just a little hesitant about trying something new. This may jinx me but....I don't have miss fires, hang fires or even a noticeable delay.

If it works don't fix it!! BUT what works for some may not be acceptable or even work at all for others!

BTW: no flamers here!!
Do you smell smoke? Ooops!!! Time to re-load!

#2496224 - Sun Dec 18 2011 02:20 AM Re: Loading power belts? [Re: Jester]
Slay Offline

Registered: Wed Oct 06 2004
Posts: 1295
Loc: Crawford County Pa
Thanks for the info. I just wanted to make sure I didnt explode my gun by using black powder when I shoulda been using pellets or whatever the newer type powders are...

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