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#2036073 - Mon Dec 20 2010 04:05 AM Re: 300 win mag..the most versatile big game caliber. [Re: shade mt]
Swift Offline
The man

Registered: Thu Sep 13 2001
Posts: 10194
Loc: Shippensburg PA
 Originally Posted By: shade mt
So for an all around North American big game vote goes to the 300 Win mag.

Another day in paradise. God hunts on Sundays.

#2036111 - Mon Dec 20 2010 06:31 AM Re: 300 win mag..the most versatile big game caliber. [Re: Swift]
shade mt Offline
old hand

Registered: Mon Jun 14 2010
Posts: 771
Loc: pa, juniata county
lol...i'm enjoying the post...not all opinions...but i'll still take my 300 win i actually use a 25-06 for deer..pretty often anyway...but the thing i like about "ole winnie" is if i'm heading up on the mt here in PA he does a terrific job...never let me down...if i were out west this past fall..he would have really shined..a bear hunt for PA black bears..terrific..especially if i run into a big 600 lb bear..(a whole lot more animal than the 150 lb average bear) but ole winnie would handle both in style..or if i finally take that alaska hunt of a lifetime...he's right at home up there...he', so accurate...very easy to reload..and should i need to run to the nearest store to buy ammo ? problem..a very popular caliber...and chambered for practically every model rifle offered except for those cute little short barreled offence fella's couldn't resist that one!!)

#2036197 - Mon Dec 20 2010 08:01 AM Re: 300 win mag..the most versatile big game caliber. [Re: shade mt]
kudu58 Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Wed Jul 27 2005
Posts: 4455
Loc: Westmoreland and Elk Counties
The "all around" rifle is always a fun topic to discuss. I think the .300 Win Mag is a good choice. I've shot deer, black bear, caribou and moose with that round and it did a good job. My vote however goes to the .338 Win Mag for most versatile. Either one is overkill for deer and antelope sized game. But for the bigger stuff, the .338 is a better option, especially when you get into moose and big bears. I have shot 6 bears, 9 caribou, 6 moose and elk. There is a noticeable extra margin of killing power when you go to a .338/250 grain bullet set up. When I go to Alaska for griz and caribou in September this year, I'm toting a .338 with 250 grain bullets. The .338 can also be pretty flat shooting with some of the 180/200 grain options that are available also which I don't think it gets enough credit for. These are good choices for the smaller stuff. In most models the .300 or .338 will be identical weights, barrel lengths etc. Again I'm not knocking the .300 Win Mag as it would probably be my second choice. I just think the .338 is a tad better all around.
With the rising price of ammo, don't expect me to fire a warning shot.

#2036282 - Mon Dec 20 2010 09:05 AM Re: 300 win mag..the most versatile big game caliber. [Re: shade mt]
SnoBull43 Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Tue Jan 23 2001
Posts: 3791
Loc: Lycoming County
Good for you! But you can keep that big ole powder sucking cannon, and I'll take a short, light .308 any day of the week. It will take anything I'll ever need it to take! ;\)
If I only coulda' seen into the future!

#2036327 - Mon Dec 20 2010 09:34 AM Re: 300 win mag..the most versatile big game caliber. [Re: SnoBull43]
6-DASHER Offline
old hand

Registered: Fri May 28 2010
Posts: 905
Loc: Cambria Co.
WELL there would be only two that I would consider and both are win mags..the .300 and the .338..myslef I would give the .338 the edge, but with good quality bullets the .300 would do just about the same'd be hard pressed to beat either with one gun..or cartridge.

#2036701 - Mon Dec 20 2010 12:55 PM Re: 300 win mag..the most versatile big game caliber. [Re: 6-DASHER]
shade mt Offline
old hand

Registered: Mon Jun 14 2010
Posts: 771
Loc: pa, juniata county
hmmm...ya know alway's wanted a 338 winnie...kinda like a big brother to the 300...mabye i should have named this post what do you think is the most versatile cal for all north american big game...i'll buy the 338 idea for all big game...but i'll pass on the 308 ...fine here in PA for deer but not for ALL big game...i remember a big black bear in lycoming county, years ago, that soaked up two shots from a 308 and just simply ran off...we helped the guy track that thing for 3/4 of the first day before they found was quartered hard away from him.. although the 30 caliber bullet held together just fine his rifle just didn't have enough smoke to drive the bullet up through..he should have never taken the 300 would have fully penetrated with that same shot...without a doubt

#2036715 - Mon Dec 20 2010 01:01 PM Re: 300 win mag..the most versatile big game caliber. [Re: shade mt]
*Moose Offline

Registered: Sat Nov 15 2008
Posts: 13401
Loc: hearts in New England
I don't think the .300 Win mag gives enough over the 30-06 to be worthwhile. I think the .300 Weatherby mag beats the snot out of the .300 Win and that's the one I want. My taxidermists wife hunts with a .30/378 Weatherby and that beats them all.
I hunt Bools n Bux.

#2036814 - Mon Dec 20 2010 01:43 PM Re: 300 win mag..the most versatile big game caliber. [Re: *Moose]
shade mt Offline
old hand

Registered: Mon Jun 14 2010
Posts: 771
Loc: pa, juniata county
i would agree although..once you get much bigger than the 300 win recoil becomes a problem for alot of folks...but if you can shoot them accurately the weatherby has a definite edge...i disagree on the 30-06 theory though...if you handload the 300 beats the snot out of the 06 by a couple hundred feet per second..most of the guy's on here touting smaller guns are justified in their claims , most are probably pa deer hunters..but even hunting black bear here in PA the common deer rifle is more than adequate for a 150 lb black bear but should you come across one of the big boy's becomes a whole different animal...there is a TREMENDOUS !! difference in the body structure of a 500lb boar and a 150 lb sow..seasoned bear hunters know what i'm talking about..the solidness and muscle mass of the big ones will put every bullet to the test..we drive for bear..kill a couple every year and i encourage the guy's..leave the 25-06's and 270's and 243 ect at home..i prefer 30-06 on up..with stout bullets..another example was a western hunt my uncles and cousins were cousin took a quartering away shot at a nice bull elk..with a 270 range around 275 -300 yds..the bull humped up and took uncle was watching through the scope of his 300 win mag, and told my cousin to shoot again..but my cousin couldn't see it anymore because of some my uncle shot him again..the elk was facing away on the second dropped on the spot..upon examining the elk they found the 270 entered behind the ribs, on the left side but never exited...the 300 on the other hand entered one of the hams on the right side and fully penetrated the length of the elk and came out and exited in front of the shoulder on the left side...the first shot probably would have done him in, but it illustrates the difference between the two cal..i seriously doubt the 270 would have had enough snot for the second shot

#2036839 - Mon Dec 20 2010 01:57 PM Re: 300 win mag..the most versatile big game caliber. [Re: shade mt]
mfuff Offline

Registered: Sat Jan 29 2005
Posts: 2367
Loc: Schuylkill Co.
I have taken Groundhogs to Elk with my 300Wby Mag. It and versatile can be mentioned in the same sentence.
Our forefathers didn't bury their guns. They buried those that tried to take them.

#2036864 - Mon Dec 20 2010 02:17 PM Re: 300 win mag..the most versatile big game caliber. [Re: shade mt]
LONZO Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Wed Jan 22 2003
Posts: 2669
Loc: PA
Craig Boddington shot a bull elk at 415yrds with a 270, never moved from where he hit it.

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