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#2015112 - Wed Dec 08 2010 10:03 AM Re: can a convicted felon carry a crossbow ? [Re: Sethwood]
zimmerstutzen Offline
The man

Registered: Fri Oct 19 2001
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Sethwood, there are a multitude of things that make no sense in the law and this state.

Get convicted of a DUI and lose your license, get caught driving under that suspension and mandatory jail time. But they don't take the car away. A guy convicted of 5 DUI's can still legally own a motor vehicle. He just can't drive it.

There are crimes involving violent intent that should result in loss of firearms rights. As the law evolves, other seemingly non-violent crimes have arisen which result in the same firearms prohibition. Tax evasion for instance. Vehicular manslaughter.

#2015113 - Wed Dec 08 2010 10:03 AM Re: can a convicted felon carry a crossbow ? [Re: outshootme1]
SoPoHunter Offline
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So, everything I look up is different. But I'll paste this from one site.

18 USC Section 922 defines it. I just got off the phone with the Acting Duty Agent/BATFE and verified it.
1. Muzzle-loader does not fall under the Gun Control Act of 1968 guidelines and is not considered a firearm. I asked him specifically "I am a felon. Can I own a muzzleloader?" And he replied yes. And muzzleloaders do not fall under National Firearms Act either.
2. A felon cannot possess ANY firearm. This includes inactive, deactiated and demilitarized firearms.
3. In essence if it does not accept and cannot accept cartridge ammunition it is not a firearm. Any muzzleloader than can be converted to accept cartridge ammunition are considered firearms. Typically because of the pressure differences muzzleloaders cannot accept cartridge ammunition because cartridge ammunition is a much higher pressure than blackpowder.
4. State laws may vary.

Read more: Can a felon own a muzzle loader and a bow | Answerbag

I'm not going to be one of the people on here that says John S is wrong. The guy is a retired warden so he knows moer about law than i'll ever know. I'm just saying, its easy to see why some people would think a felon could use a muzzleloader. If a felons PO is tellin him he can hunt with a muzzleloader and he gets caught with that muzzleloader hunting can he really get in trouble?

How can a felon buy a hunting license in PA and in NY if he's not allowed to carry a weapon?

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#2015119 - Wed Dec 08 2010 10:05 AM Re: can a convicted felon carry a crossbow ? [Re: SoPoHunter]
zimmerstutzen Offline
The man

Registered: Fri Oct 19 2001
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you set down your own answer.

4. State laws may vary.

They can and Pa does.

#2015132 - Wed Dec 08 2010 10:09 AM Re: can a convicted felon carry a crossbow ? [Re: zimmerstutzen]
SoPoHunter Offline
The man

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Well my friend is a convicted felon and is hunting both PA and NY with a muzzleloader. I don't want to see him going back to jail so I'm just trying to get the facts here.

#2015145 - Wed Dec 08 2010 10:16 AM Re: can a convicted felon carry a crossbow ? [Re: outshootme1]
MOSSYOAK1957 Offline
old hand

Registered: Thu Jan 01 2009
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 Originally Posted By: outshootme1
So you can put a difference on "types" of felonies? You must be smarter than the justice system you are so mad against. About money? Sounds like your mad at getting a DUI? Sorry, but that is not a felony. Your comments of stripping you of your license and dignity and making you feel like dirt only confirms that you've been involved with our "bad" legal system with a DUI. In case no one ever told you, let me be the first, you break the law-you get a penalty. Seems simple right. It's not illegal to drink, just drink too much. If a family member of yours was injured/killed by a drunk driver, I doubt you would be sitting here making the same comments about people not being perfect,and giving them chances, you'd be out looping the rope around the highest tree you could find.

And no, I'm not sitting up here on a high horse, I've had a couple beers and drove the truck home, did some questionable activities with the boys when I was in my 20's. But guess what, if you know what your doing is wrong, you better know the penalty and the chance of you taking it like a big boy if caught!

Please understand what constitutes a felony before you pass it off as getting caught cow tipping in the neighbors pasture. These are crimes that required you to appear in court as they are substantial enough to warrant jail/probation time. These aren't your stealing gum from the local store crimes.

So before this gets locked I'll finish, I do give back. 22yrs of continued youth coaching in 4 different sports, and yes without my kids involved as well. Also run the Hunters Sharing the Harvest program here in Northampton County for the past 5yrs, have had a boat full of kids for youth waterfowl days over the years,and will have more in the fields again for goose season this year with my equipment and time, asking nothing back but smiles and knowing that you just might help a kid to go in a different direction, who knows-maybe away from being a felon one day! I'm not a saint or perfect, but if I went underground today I can know I left giving more than taking, and there are a ton of guys on here doing the same things. What are you doing?

See you just confirmed what I already thought.Right away you jump to conclusions... I have never been arrested for anything,but right away you assume I have had a DUI.
That's the problem...people right away have to brand someone before they know the facts.
And yes there are"Types" of felonies for your information.

The two main categories of felony charges are violent and non-violent. Violent felony crimes include murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault (assault with a weapon), rape, sexual assault, arson and robbery, both armed and unarmed.

Non-violent felonies include property offenses, drug offenses and white-collar crimes. Property offenses are burglary, larceny, fraud, forgery, certain types of vandalism and receipt of stolen property. White-collar crimes take place in a business or other professional environment where one person intentionally tries to gain financial benefit while causing loss for others. The most common felony charges are drug possession, aggravated assault, arson, burglary, murder and rape.

All I'm saying is people are so quick to label other people before they know all the facts and circumstances.

#2015154 - Wed Dec 08 2010 10:22 AM Re: can a convicted felon carry a crossbow ? [Re: grovey]
trappin4skins Offline

Registered: Thu Feb 28 2008
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Loc: Murrysville, PA
 Originally Posted By: grovey
can a convicted felon carry a crossbow ? can they even get a license ?


 Originally Posted By: grovey
a crossbow is certainly a weapen in the pgc eyes. lastly, is it legal to carry a crossbow during rifle season ?


This one hits a nerve for me, so you/your friend is a convicted felon, which means found guilty of a pretty serious crime that prevents you from owning/carrying/using a firearm. SO, time to skirt around the law and see if a crossbow is considered a weapon so you can own it or hunt with it. Just what the woods need, more idiots who gave up rights by their own actions and now want to skirt the law to get what they want....Just perfect..Where can I donate to this great cause.

If your a felon, you did something very wrong, deal with it and the circumstances that came from YOUR actions and stop looking for loopholes in the laws that you broke in the first place.!

Settle yourself, stop jumping to conclusions and making direct attacks at people on this forum, if you have any questions read the rules to these forums again.


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#2015180 - Wed Dec 08 2010 10:34 AM Re: can a convicted felon carry a crossbow ? [Re: MOSSYOAK1957]
MOSSYOAK1957 Offline
old hand

Registered: Thu Jan 01 2009
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I just called the Game Comm.South East Region 610-926-3136
The Man said and I quote....

I have no idea what he meant by that.

Then he went on and said..


#2015194 - Wed Dec 08 2010 10:41 AM Re: can a convicted felon carry a crossbow ? [Re: SoPoHunter]
Pepsi's Dad Offline
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I would say , with some authority , 32 years in LE, that if Your friend is checked out by the local police , for any reason , and they get a hit on His name and He is in possession of a firearm , muzzleloader included , HE IS GOING IN FOR INVESTIGATION . Please don't assume that All Police are that UP on that kind of law . That kind of case will end up in court with an Paid Attorney.

#2015228 - Wed Dec 08 2010 10:58 AM Re: can a convicted felon carry a crossbow ? [Re: Pepsi's Dad]
SoPoHunter Offline
The man

Registered: Tue Sep 07 2004
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Pepsi - My cousins a Sgt for the PA State Police. Not sure why I haven't asked him this question. lol

Mossy - This guys PO told him he can hunt with muzzleloader as well as go to NY and hunt as long as he's not gone for more than 30 days.

I'll ask my cousin.

#2015256 - Wed Dec 08 2010 11:18 AM Re: can a convicted felon carry a crossbow ? [Re: SoPoHunter]
zimmerstutzen Offline
The man

Registered: Fri Oct 19 2001
Posts: 9777
Loc: lancaster
trappin, where did you get your information. Why in the world would it be illegal to use a cross bow in the firearms season? I know of at least two hunters who use bow and arrow through the firearms deer seasons.

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