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#1916519 - Thu Oct 07 2010 06:08 PM Re: .270, 110 Grain Bullet [Re: Harrysigafoo]
mfuff Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Sat Jan 29 2005
Posts: 2587
Loc: Schuylkill Co.
 Originally Posted By: Harrysigafoo
Deer are very easy to kill. anything will work. the TSX does blow up, it just doesn't expand, so it you don't want expansion use them, that is why African guides like them. But for deer in any cartridge, there are much better choices.

The TSX blows up but it does not expand? 99%-100% weight retention on recovered bullets (IF you can recover bullets) is normal. Where do the pieces go that blow up?
Please tell us some more about the deer you've shot with TSX bullets and please give some details on the bullet performance.

You do not need TSX bullets to kill deer and that is a big for sure, but I must have gotten a bad batch of TSX bullets because they all have expanded as good as any soft point I have ever used.
Our forefathers didn't bury their guns. They buried those that tried to take them.

#1916598 - Thu Oct 07 2010 07:22 PM Re: .270, 110 Grain Bullet [Re: stoolshooter]
wv windy ridge Offline
old hand

Registered: Tue Dec 04 2007
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Used to hunt with a 100gr all the time.. came with the 270 when I bought it. Yes I did kill every deer that I shot with the box. Though sometimes the bullets never expanded. Were mere pass through shot. I have since experimented with 130,140, and 150 gr. I personally like the 130gr loads. 150 gr for black bear and beyond. Also I like mooses take on loads as well.
Harvesting imature game removes future trophies. Patience is rewarded.

#1916851 - Thu Oct 07 2010 10:30 PM Re: .270, 110 Grain Bullet [Re: wv windy ridge]
Ridge Runner Offline

Registered: Sun Sep 03 2000
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Loc: Mathias Wv USA
well nosler makes a 110 gr .277 accubond, is there a better deer bullet?
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#1917714 - Fri Oct 08 2010 01:39 PM Re: .270, 110 Grain Bullet [Re: Ridge Runner]
*Moose Offline

Registered: Sat Nov 15 2008
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Loc: hearts in New England
I don't see any way that a 110 will shoot as flat at long range as a 130 will. I don't have access to the 500 yard trajectories but I'm betting the 130 will drop less. I know the 125 grain .30 drops significantly more than the .30 150 @300 yards and beyond. I'd side with the flatter shooting load and I believe in .277 that is the 130 grain.
I hunt Bools n Bux.

#1918019 - Fri Oct 08 2010 04:58 PM Re: .270, 110 Grain Bullet [Re: *Moose]
mfuff Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Sat Jan 29 2005
Posts: 2587
Loc: Schuylkill Co.
Moose you are right that at extreme long range the 130gr is going to have a better ballistic coefficient than the 110gr and shoot flatter.
One thing to consider is that with an all copper bullet like the TSX it is usually longer than a conventional bullet because copper is lighter than lead and more of it needs to be used to equal the weight of a lead bullet. Call it long for caliber. A 110gr TSX is probably as long as a 130gr Core-Lokt or similar lead core tip. Ballistics will be very similar out to all reasonable ranges. If a guy was to regularly hunt for deer at 500 yards+ then bullets heavier than 130gr would be a good choice. Inside of 300yards I don't think there is a noticeable difference when using a 110gr TSX compared to a conventional 130gr bullet. I would say the 110gr Accubond being of bonded construction would perform as well as any lead cup 130gr bullet too. Being that most guys take shots at less than 150yds there is not a handicap to use a well constructed 110gr bullet on deer.
Our forefathers didn't bury their guns. They buried those that tried to take them.

#1918226 - Fri Oct 08 2010 08:15 PM Re: .270, 110 Grain Bullet [Re: mfuff]
Big Ken Offline

Registered: Sat Mar 12 2005
Posts: 7725
Loc: Pitman
One of my reasonings behind using a 110 gr. bullet was to have a one-load rifle for groundhogs and deer, same as I favor the 100 gr. slug in a 25-06..I shot a few deer with 100 gr. partitions in the 25-06 and if they made a 110 gr. partition for the 270, that would probably be the one I'd use for deer, but for now the 130 gr. Ballistic Tip rules my roost...It's just too good of a bullet.

#1918551 - Sat Oct 09 2010 01:01 AM Re: .270, 110 Grain Bullet [Re: Big Ken]
may79 Offline

Registered: Sat Jan 09 2010
Posts: 441
Loc: PA
Big Ken, what type of ballistic tip bullets are you using/recommend for the 270? What is your reason for liking them so much? I considered purchasing 130g Nosler Ballistic Tips but ended up going with 130g Hornady Interlocks. Not sure I made the right choice. I'm considering returning them for the ballistic tips. Thanks

#1918678 - Sat Oct 09 2010 02:55 AM Re: .270, 110 Grain Bullet [Re: may79]
mfuff Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: Sat Jan 29 2005
Posts: 2587
Loc: Schuylkill Co.
I have used the 130gr Ballistic Tips and 130gr Win. Ballistic Silver Tips out in .270 Win. and .270WSM. They have done what was asked of them on deer. I have also used them in .243, 7mm and .30cal on deer also.
I have used 130gr Hornady Interlocks(flat base) in .270 Win & WSM, and I have used them in .243,.277,.284(7mm), .30, .35 and .375.

Ballistic Tips (the kind designed for big game) have always done well for me on deer in that the deer were very dead after being shot. The tips do not flatten in the magazine under recoil. The bullets are accurate at long range too. My only complaint is that they are more apt to over expand and break apart while they separate from the jacket, especially at ranges under 100yds.
The Hornady bullets have done just as well killing deer, they are as accurate as the B-tips, they do a good deal of damage while still holding together even at close range. You get Nosler Partition like performance, twice the bullets in the box, and half the price.

Either of the two will serve you fine for deer.
Our forefathers didn't bury their guns. They buried those that tried to take them.

#1918693 - Sat Oct 09 2010 03:50 AM Re: .270, 110 Grain Bullet [Re: Harrysigafoo]
Scorpion Offline
old hand

Registered: Sun Apr 06 2008
Posts: 706
Loc: Appalachia
 Originally Posted By: Harrysigafoo
Sort of agree with Moose. The TSX is not a good deer bullet, if you are handloading most any other bullet would be a better deer choice. the all copper bullet expand very eradic, especially on smaller game like whitetail. A 130 grain Cor-lok would be significantly better.

Have fun cleaning that barrel.

Your posting privileges should probably be revoked, as once again, you're completely wrong. That's about as nice as I can put that. The TSX is an excellent deer bullet, when loaded in most any cartridge.

#1918708 - Sat Oct 09 2010 04:33 AM Re: .270, 110 Grain Bullet [Re: mfuff]
TedC54 Offline

Registered: Tue Jan 25 2005
Posts: 2209
Loc: 4C
I believe you are wrong on the pricing of the ballistic tips. They are a lot cheaper these days than the other nosler tips. I just picked upa a box of 40 for around 14 bucks or so.

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