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#1619919 - Tue Feb 09 2010 11:57 AM Firestorm Trigger
fortgreg Offline
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Registered: Mon Feb 08 2010
Posts: 210
Loc: Mentor-on the big pond-Ohio
Hi. Does anyone have any experience lightening up the trigger pull on their Firestorm? Did you do it yourself, or can you recommend someone? I called T/C as soon as I received the gun, to complain about the horrible trigger. While T/C was more than willing to look at the gun on my dime, they explained that due to liability reasons, there was only so much they could do with the trigger. After reading others results, I feel sending the gun back would be a waste of time and money. I really like the gun, with the exception of the trigger. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

#1620023 - Tue Feb 09 2010 01:19 PM Re: Firestorm Trigger [Re: fortgreg]
dont Offline

Registered: Mon Feb 25 2008
Posts: 438
Loc: armstrong co
I owned one and you will have to shoot it alot. The trigger is not all that bad. I would rather have a light trigger but in the same respect if the flint fires then thats all that really matters. I am guessing you have a flint if not then the trigger would be a bigger problem.

#1620767 - Tue Feb 09 2010 09:15 PM Re: Firestorm Trigger [Re: fortgreg]
CDB178 Offline

Registered: Tue Apr 04 2006
Posts: 45
Loc: 4A, PA

I had the same problem with my firestorm. It had a lot of creep also. Sent it to T/C for trigger work, but it didn't make much of a difference because of the liability issues. I sent it to Dave Logan's shooter's supply in Harrisburg and had him put a double trigger on it and I am very pleased with the results.

#1621091 - Tue Feb 09 2010 11:10 PM Re: Firestorm Trigger [Re: CDB178]
mountainman09 Offline

Registered: Sat Dec 19 2009
Posts: 1352
Loc: lawrence co ,pa usa
the more you shoot the gun the easier it should get sometimes you can emery fine fine sand the side of the trigger if it has the piece that gos up and down beside the stationay arm
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#1621796 - Wed Feb 10 2010 11:48 AM Re: Firestorm Trigger [Re: fortgreg]
fortgreg Offline
On the board

Registered: Mon Feb 08 2010
Posts: 210
Loc: Mentor-on the big pond-Ohio
Thanks for the responses. Yes, this gun is a Flint. I purchased 2 of these at the same time, one for my Dad, and one for myself, as soon as they came out. The triggers are horrible on both guns. After seeing how frustrated I was with my gun, my Dad GAVE his to the hired hand before he even fired it. The hired hand hates his as much as I do, and we have both been using our old Hawkins' since. Neither Firestorm has been shot 10 times. I get mad every time I see my Firestorm. I don't think the Firestorm ignites the pellets very consistently either. Does anyone here have a recent production Firestorm ? How is the trigger on the recent production guns?

#1621815 - Wed Feb 10 2010 12:00 PM Re: Firestorm Trigger [Re: fortgreg]
dpms Online   content

Registered: Wed Oct 11 2006
Posts: 14562
Loc: Pittsburgh
 Originally Posted By: fortgreg
I don't think the Firestorm ignites the pellets very consistently either.

Better off shooting good old BP out of flinters IMHO. Pellets and flints don't go together regardless of what the box tells ya.

I have a Firestorm as well and really like it. The trigger is bad but some of the features of the Firestorm are nice to have.
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#1621923 - Wed Feb 10 2010 01:04 PM Re: Firestorm Trigger [Re: dpms]
dce Offline
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Registered: Mon Aug 20 2001
Posts: 18172
Loc: dubois
I have a RMC accusporter that had a horrible factory Trigger.I sent it to a gun builder up in Emporium and he fixed the problem for less than 20 bucks.

#1622041 - Wed Feb 10 2010 02:05 PM Re: Firestorm Trigger [Re: dce]
good ole boy Offline

Registered: Wed Jan 20 2010
Posts: 7716
Loc: Washington Co. Pa.
I bought a Firestorm 3-4 years ago.I too thought my rigger was to tight and if you don,t pratice with it,it will ruin a opportunity at a deer.Take your lock off and clean it real good and lather it up real good inside with borebutter.That improved mine alot.As a matter of fact,I now like the trigger.When it is real cold though I cycle the hammer back and forth slowly ever so often to keep it limber.My next attempt to try to lighten it up if I wasn,t now satisfied was to leave the hammer on full cock for a while to weaken the spring a tad.Hope this helps.

#1625241 - Fri Feb 12 2010 02:34 AM Re: Firestorm Trigger [Re: good ole boy]
REdgar7mm Offline

Registered: Sat Aug 09 2003
Posts: 1862
Loc: Bloomsburg
Samething with my Firestorm. This is one of the reasons I no longer have it. I love set triggers on my Flints. I now shoot the Renegade and Greatplains. I contacted TC and some custom gunsmiths trying to find someone that could build me a set trigger for the Firestorm. No can do, so I sold it.
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#1625651 - Fri Feb 12 2010 01:37 PM Re: Firestorm Trigger [Re: REdgar7mm]
good ole boy Offline

Registered: Wed Jan 20 2010
Posts: 7716
Loc: Washington Co. Pa.
There is a post on here about someone sayin they were goin to have a double set trigger set up installed on their Firestorm.I too like the 2 triggers.I got my F/storm workin fine.But if I had to do it all over again,I probably wouldn,t have bought it cause syn.stocks and such just don,t seem right with a flinty.I am goin to get a ner Renny built and it will have 2 triggers.The price of the F/storm has gone up almost double since I bought mine.I love the Co.,but I wouldn,t pay the price they are at today.

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