This recipe is REALLY a cop out, but one of the most popular the with people I hunt with. Its great over the grill, camp fire, or cook stove in the duck blind


Duck Breast Fillets

Newman's Own Italian Dressing

Sliced Bacon

Garlic Powder

Black Pepper

Salt (optional)

Thaw fillets in refrigerator over night. Soak fillets in salt water and ice at for at least 20 minutes - repeat this step at least twice. Wrap edge of fillets with slice of bacon, use toothpicks to hold in position. Place fillets in container with enough dressing to completely cover them, add garlic powder/black pepper to taste and allow to marinade for 24 hours. Cook fillets desired level (medium is very good). Remove toothpicks! Serve with salad, baked potato, Sourdough bread, and good Merlot. There are any number of excellent marinades for duck - Teriyaki sauce w/ Pineapple Juice, Dales w/ a shot of bourbon, and a splash of regular (sugar, caffiene, colorings, - the real thing) Coke , Sweet and sour sauce, or Bar-b-Que sauce - The key to good grilled duck is cooking on low heat and brushing on the marinade regularly to keep the meat moist.