Gous v Yablokach (Goose with apples)

Ingredients: 1 ea average goose

4 tb raisins

1 tb sugar

15 ea sour sweet average apples

10 ea olives

salt to taste

green parsley Preparation: Rub inside and outside of a drawn cleaned goose with salt. Peel 8 apples, take out the seeds, cut into four parts. Put raisins in a hot water until they are swollen. Mix raisins, apples with sugar. Stuff the goose with the filling and sew up the cut. Put the goose on the back into the pan. Add 1/2 cup of water and put in a hot oven. As soon as the goose is light brown, put it the cut down. When all the sides are gold, make the heat very low. Pour the fat from the pan on the goose regularly (every ten minutes). After three hours of such baking, goose will be ready. Put other apple halves around the goose and pour the fat upon them and bake until the apples are soft (but they must not cracked). Take the filling from the goose out on the large dish, put the goose on the top and place apples around. Put olive halves in place of seeds on the apples. Decorate the dish with green parsley.