Coniglio alla molisana stewed rabbit with sauce

Yield: 6 servings

1 large Rabbit

-(about 3 ½ lb)



1 Parsley sprig

- finely chopped

1 Rosemary sprig

- finely chopped

1/4 lbs Ham, Parma

- thinly sliced

- (12 slices)

12 Sage leaves

6 small Sausages, Italian

1/2 cup Oil, olive


Bone the rabbit carefully, keeping the pieces of meat as large as possible.

Wipe the rabbit meat with a damp cloth.

Cut it into 12 even-sized pieces, flatten them out lightly, and season with salt, pepper and a little finely chopped parsley and rosemary.

Put a slice of ham on each slice of rabbit and roll up tightly.

Take 6 skewers.

Thread a roll of rabbit, 1 sage leaf, 1 sausage, another rabbit roll and another sage leaf on to each skewer.

Brush the skewers with oil and broil (grill), over charcoal if possible, or on a rack placed as close as possible to the source of heat.

Alternatively, the skewers can also be baked in a slow oven at 350 °F for one hour.

Turn the skewers occasionally, each time brushing with oil