Venison sauces

Yield: 6 servings

1/4 lbs Sugar

1/2 pint Champagne vinegar

Sweet Sauce:

6 oz White or red currant jelly

6 oz White or red wine


Sharp sauce: sharp sauce:--a quarter-pound of the best loaf-sugar, or white candy-sugar, dissolved in a half-pint of champagne vinegar, and carefully skimmed.

Sweet sauce:--melt some white or red currant jelly with a glass of white or red wine, whichever suits best in color; or serve jelly unmelted in a small sweetmeat-glass.

This sauce answers well for hare, fawn, or kid, and for roast mutton to many tastes.

Gravy for venison:--make a pint of gravy of trimmings of venison or shanks of mutton thus: broil the meat on a quick fire till it is browned, then stew it slowly.

Skim, strain, and serve the gravy it yields, adding salt and a teaspoonful of walnut pickle